Fish week at Kai


Tue 22nd Jul 2014
To celebrate all that is wonderful about fish, Kai Cafe and Restaurant is devoting an entire week to fish that is caught by local fishermen.

The team at Kai is renowned for sourcing as much of its produce locally, and has decided to celebrate the work of Gannet fishmongers, the Aran Co-op, and the fishermen that haul in their produce each day from the seas around the west of Ireland.

Always conscious that locally sourced food is fresher and more flavorsome, Head chef and co-owner of Kai Jessica Murphy said that the significance of this week is very important for both the restaurant and its customers: "We decided to put this event together in order to promote what we are doing, to highlight the importance of protecting indigenous jobs, and in particular to educate our customers about the beautiful fish available straight out of Galway Bay".

In order to ensure that all fish is locally sourced, Kai Cafe and Restaurant use Gannet Fishmongers. Stefan, at Gannet takes the task of visiting the Galway and Aran Fishermans co-op in Rossaveal each day to handpick the freshest and tastiest fish.

By using local produce Kai ensures that its environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Other benefits of not importing or using frozen produce is that the fish has much better flavour and texture, and is better for the health of those consuming it.

Chef Murphy said that many people remain hesitant about cooking fish at home, but that has not stopped them from trying some of the more exotic fish that sometimes appear on her menus: "Since we opened we have brought more and more fish on to the menu, which has encouraged people to eat some of the lesser known fish. As a result Sweaty Betty is now a regular on the menu".

In order to encourage home cooks to use more fish, the team at Kai have prepared a how-to guide with cooking tips that will be available in the restaurant over the week.

During the Kai fish week the restaurant will be only serving fish landed in Rossaveal. You can expect the ever tasty Sweaty Betty, Monkfish, Hake,Ling, and other specials dependent on the catch.

To sum up the week chef Murphy said: "Kai's fish week is as much about educating our customers and creating awareness of the local fishing industry as much as it is about us supporting the local industry".

Fish week at Kai will run from July 28 and will feature daily lunch and dinner specials.

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