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Introduction to Good Food Ireland

Without doubt, Ireland is a producer of excellent food; their dairy and beef industry is renowned worldwide. Nevertheless, until recently, a lack of consistency in good cuisine and food service tarnished this reputation. That is until 2006 when Margaret Jeffares established Good Food Ireland from her farm in County Wexford, Ireland. Margaret believed if she could create a market opportunity for trusted, authentic food experiences driving business to the hospitality sector, in turn they would purchase more Irish food from farmers, food producers and fishermen. This of course would contribute greatly to the local economy.

Early in 2007, Margaret set off around the country presenting her vision to the industry and within six months Good Food Ireland had 70 approved providers, and Good Food Ireland was launched.

Paramount to the success of the project was the setting of standards with strict criteria based on a commitment to using local Irish food and working to the highest standards. Before joining all potential members are independently inspected and once accepted, are checked on an on-going basis.

Seven years on, it is working as I discovered when invited to experience first-hand what Good Food Ireland is all about.

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