Donegal Rapeseed Oil Continues To Develop And Grow With Rebrand


Tue 24th Jun 2014

Local company Donegal Rapeseed Oil is cementing its success and continuing to develop the business with a total rebrand, which they hope will take the product to the next level.

Established in 2009, Donegal Rapeseed oil uses seed grown on small farms throughout Donegal, Derry and Tyrone.  The seed is cold pressed, filtered, bottled and labelled at a pressing facility near Castlederg, Co. Tyrone - making it a truly local product.  With sales of Donegal Rapeseed Oil increasing substantially year by year, the company’s Managing Director, Austin Duignan decided that now was the time to take stock and develop a clear brand and image that merits the award winning high quality product, which would sell not only in Ireland, but looking to the future, further afield.

Austin said “we have had to work hard over the past number of years to educate the consumer on the incredible benefits of using local Rapeseed Oil over the more established options such as Olive Oil.  We are now getting to the stage where many people, having realised the fantastic health benefits, and sampled the great taste are making the switch.  As with any product however, there are variants in both quality and taste within the Rapeseed Oil market itself, and as Donegal Rapeseed Oil is an award winning premium quality oil, we want to ensure that our product visual and branding is distinctive and reflects the quality and flavour of the product, as well as the beautiful part of the country from which it takes its name.  We have accumulated a loyal following, and a reputation for excellence and amazing taste, therefore we want to make it as easy as possible for our current and future customers to find us on the shop shelf”. 

Indeed the product has gained a reputation as being not only the oil of choice with an ever growing number of consumers (it is now stored in over 300 stores nationwide including Supervalu and local grocers), but it has also gained the seal of approval from some of Ireland’s most revered chefs including award winning celebrity chef Neven Maguire who has used the product for a number of years;

“I don’t cook with anything else, it has a fantastic nutty taste and it’s great for salads and marinades,” the chef said recently “When you cook with it, it doesn’t smoke like vegetable or other oils, it gives a great even heat.  It really is a fantastic local product, and I’d highly recommend it to everyone.”  As well as featuring on Neven’s RTÉ show ‘Neven Maguire’s Home Chef’ it has appeared on Martin Shanahan’s “Martin’s Mad About Fish”.

The company have also recently extended their product line with flavoured Donegal Rapeseed Oil in lemon, chilli, and garlic; and the premium gold range oils in curry, fennel, and porcini mushroom flavours.

With the new look Donegal Rapeseed Oil on the shelves, Austin has ambitions to expand and extend the customer base and grow the business further.  “Until recently our focus has been solely concentrated on the Irish market, north and south - there is still room for continued growth in the home market, as more and more people are finding out about Rapeseed Oil, however, we have started to look at the prospect of entering new markets.  We have attended food expos in the UK; we are taking part in programmes working towards launching the product in the German market over the next few years; and without doing anything proactive towards the North American market, we have received interest from the US and Canada. “The prospect for the future is exciting, and the new branding will ensure we shine out from any store or supermarket shelf – wherever it may be in the world!”


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