Vanilla Cured Salmon With Caper & Gherkin Salsa


Prep Time: 




250g Salmon Fillet or ¼ of a side


For the Marinade

25g Rock Salt

25g Sugar

100ml Saki(Japanese Rice Wine)

15ml White Wine Vinegar

1 Vanilla Pod Split and Scraped


For the Salsa

50g Gherkin

50g Capers

2 Shallots finely diced

20g chopped flat leafparsley

100/150ml olive oil

Salt and Pepper to Season


Recipe by Hayfield Manor 

Place your salmon, skin side down on a piece of cling film twice the size of the salmon.
Mix all the marinade ingredients together then spread onto the pink flesh side of the salmon.
Gently turn over the salmon so that it is upside down on a plate and leave in your fridge for 24 to 36 hours.  
Take out of the fridge aſter 1½ days and lightly wash off marinade under cold water then dry with a towel.
Cut 5 slices of salmon, cutting straight down and across the salmon. Try to cut as thin as you can without tearing the salmon. 
Roll the first piece of salmon up as though you are rolling up a sleeping bag, then wrap around 1 piece at a time the other pieces of salmon.
Place this on the centre of a plate and put a small dollop of crème fraiche with a sprig of chervil on top. 

To make the salsa, mix all the ingredients together and leave overnight for the flavours to fuse. 
Garnish with a nice straight line of the salsa down 1 side of the plate, your dish is now ready to serve. 

Chef’s Note This is a dish that takes a bit of love and time to prepare but is a definite winner if you are entertaining, and can be prepared in advance. 

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