Tian of Clare Island Organic Irish Salmon x 4 Portions


Prep Time: 




Organic Irish Salmon        

100 Grams Chives                                

20 Gram Glenillen Natural Yogurt  

10 Gram Brown Soda Bread              

5 Gram Cucumber                          

10 GramCucumber Jelly                    

5  GramPomegranate                      

5  GramMicro Leaves (coriander cress and purple Basil)                        

5 Gram

 Swiss Pickle;

Rice Wine Vinegar 250ml

Sugar   60 gram

Mustard Seeds 1 Tbsp

2 bay Leafs

Atlantic Sea Salt 1 Tbsp


Recipe by Ed Cooney The Merrion Hotel   


Dice the Salmon Brunoise size and combine with Chopped Chives then press gently into ring. Press down enough for the Salmon to hold its cylindrical shape when the ring is removed 

Take the Brown Soda Bread and break into Crouton size pieces and dry under Hallogen Hot Lights or in a low oven for 15 minutes until nice and crunchy. I use my hands to crumble the bread to give a nice natural look rather then cutting with a knife, you do not want to make it to small either as its texture value to the dish will be diminished if too small. 

Peel and core the cucumber leaving the nice firm flesh then dice into very small brunoise – Marinate in the Swiss pickle for 15 minutes. 

Cucumber Gel/Jelly 
Take whole peeled cucumber and Blend until smooth add Gelcrem (Sosa product) and blend for another 30 seconds refrigerate. 

Swiss Pickle;
Rice Wine Vinegar 250ml
Sugar   60 gram
Mustard Seeds 1 Tbsp
2 bay Leafs 
Atlantic Sea Salt 1 Tbsp 
Makes a 1 pint quantity 

Pop the seeds by cutting the fruit in half and hitting the skin side of the fruit with the back of a spoon and out pop the seeds into your bowl     

Place the Salmon in the ring and press down firmly 
Position ring on your plate and lift off gently leaving a nice Salmon Tower or Tian.
Dot the Plate with six dots of cucumber gel 
Drizzle the diced cucumber in between the gel allowing some of the Pickling Liquor onto to Plate 
Drizzle the Glenillen Natural Yogurt onto the Salmon Tower allowing it to fall off ….sprinkle with some of the brown soda bread croutons.
Drop some of the Pomegranate seeds around the plate 
Finally place some of the micro herbs around the plate and serve. 

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