Pot of Gold (5 portions)


Prep Time: 



  • 4 - 6 People


Merrion Chocolate Mousse 23ml water 114g sugar 80g yolks 114g eggs 280g 67% dark chocolate 400g semi whipped cream Strawberry Pate de Fruit Ingredients (10 cubes): 40g strawberry puree 8g glucose 40g sugar 1g pectin 0.6g tartaric acid Bailey’s Vanilla Fudge (5 cubes): 40ml milk 70g caster sugar 20g butter 0.2 tsp vanilla essence 20ml Baileys 20g white chocolate 10g washed sultanas Salted Caramel Ice Cream 200ml Sauce Anglaise 70g salted caramel Gold Coins Chocolate chips (as many as desired per person) Gold powder


Merrion Chocolate Mousse:
 Whisk the eggs and egg yolks together. In a saucepan, heat the sugar and water to 118 degrees, then pour onto the whisking eggs. Melt the chocolate to a temperature of 40 degrees and add to the egg, sugar and water mixture. Finally, fold the semi whipped cream into the mix to create a light chocolate mousse.  Pour the mousse mix directly into individual moulds and freeze.

Strawberry Pate de Fruit :
Heat the puree and glucose and bring to the boil. Mix the sugar and pectin together and add to puree and glucose. Continue to cook until you reach a temp of 107 degrees, then add the tartaric acid and set in small square moulds and refrigerate. 

 Bailey’s Vanilla Fudge:
 Place the milk, sugar and butter in a pan and heat to 115degrees, stirring constantly. When temperature is reached remove from heat and add the Baileys, vanilla, white chocolate and sultanas.  Stir well and set in a mould before refrigerating. This can be divided into portions later.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream:
Place the ingredients in an ice cream making machine and turn till soft. 

Gold Coins:  
To make the gold coins simply place the chocolate chips in a bowl and dust the chips in gold powder until coated.  

Presentation: Remove the chocolate mousse from each mould and place on individual plates – these are your ‘pots’.  Then place as many gold coins on the top of the mousse as desired.   Cut the Strawberry Pate de Fruit into 10 squares and Bailey’s Vanilla Fudge into 5 squares and place on each plate. Finally, place one scoop of the Salted Caramel Ice Cream on the plate and serve. Here at The Merrion we serve our ‘Pot of Gold’ with a handmade chocolate leprechaun!         

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