Homemade Brown Bread


Prep Time: 


Cook Time: 



  • 4 - 6 People


1000g Howards Extra Course Flour
10g Salt
10g Bread Soda
20g Soft Demerara Sugar
1000ml Whole Milk 
50ml Red Wine Vinegar
50ml Olive Oil 


In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients.  In a separate Mason Batter Bowl (a bowl with a spout) mix all of your wet ingredients. 

Make a well in the centre of your dry ingredients bowl and pour in the wet.  Bring together with a wooden spoon. 

Make sure that there are no dry ingredients or lumps remaining.

Grease with unsalted butter 2 loaf tins (2lb loaf tins are ideal) and pour in your mixture. 

Place in a 180° pre-heated oven for 1 hour.

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