Cooleeney 3-Cheese Nachos

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One bag of Tortilla Chips
200g Smoked Bacon
100g Darú
100g Cooleeney
100g Dunbarra Pepper Brie
(Optional – homemade salsa, jalapeno peppers, dried onions)
Paprika to garnish


A great snack idea using Cooleeney farm cheeses is Nachos with smoked bacon & triple cheese sauce The best three cheeses for this sauce are Darú Hard Cheese, Soft Cheese & Peppered Brie & it's simple to make all you have to do is get some smoked streaky bacon & cut into small pieces fry in oil till crispy when cooked put the bacon onto a piece of kitchen paper until later, now to make the cheese sauce, simply grate the Darú into a pan and crumble the Cooleeney and Dunbarra Pepper. Put the pan on a gentle heat and slowly add the milk until the mix becomes a smooth sauce (making sure to have it too thin). Remove from the heat and add the smoked bacon. Take one bag of Tortilla chips and add to a large dish. Pour the sauce all over the chips and add some homemade salsa or jalapeno peppers, if desired or alternatively dried onion pieces and some paprika to garnish.