Champ Mash


Prep Time: 


Cook Time: 



  • 4 - 6 People


Rooster Potatos 900 gr or 4 Large Potatos
Scallions (spring onions ) 1 Bunch
Glenillen Irish Country Butter 100 gram
Double Cream 20 mls


Bake the rooster potatos on a wire rack in a hot oven for 40 mins. Remove from the oven cut in half and scoop out the potato , leaving skins aside .Push the potato through a drum sieve and set aside.
Melt 80 gr of  butter in a pan very gently. Add the chopped scallions and wilt in the butter very gently for 5 mins. Fold in the potato add the cream mix well.
Season to taste ….Finish with a slice of  country butter (20 gram )….Present .  

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