Boxty from Donnybrook Fair


Prep Time: 



50g/2oz Cream Flour

4 Large Rooster Potatoes - peeled and grated

1 Egg - beaten

Pinch of Bread Soda - sieved

Salt and Pepper

Oil for frying  


 Recipe by Donnybrook Fair 

Put grated potatoes, flour, bread soda, egg, salt and pepper into a bowl. 
Mix well, until all ingredients are blended together. 
Use as soon as mixture is mixed.
Do not allow to stand as the mixture can discolour. 
Heat a little oil on a frying pan, when hot drop spoonfuls of mixture onto pan and fry for about 3 to 4 minutes, then turn and repeat on the other side. 
Boxty should be golden brown when cooked. 
Ideally served hot.    

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