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Toons Bridge
Old Creamery


Toon’s Bridge Dairy has become famous for it’s cheeses, made from milk supplied by local cow's and sheep's milk farmers. This milk produces a range of continental cheeses like Mozzarella, Smoked Scamorza, Ricotta, Halloumi, Caciocavallo and Pecorino, all sold in this wonderful little shop. The Dairy also incorporates a café and pizzaria. Toons Bridge Cafe, run by Jenny Rose Clarke is situated in the conservatory sitting room of what was once the home of Jenny and Toby Simmonds. Jenny is well known in the English Market for her GFI approved Sandwich Stall, which feeds the hordes on Monday to Saturday each week. Toby is the founder of The Real Olive Stall in the English Market – he has been importing Mediterranean foods for several years to bring them to Cork customers. Toons Bridge''s authentic Neopolitan pizzas come from the real outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, made with hand made dough fom Caputo flour, and topped with homemade tomato sauce and a variety of Toons Bridge Dairy homemade cheeses, herbs from the garden and high quality Mediterranean products sourced by Toby.

 At the Toon’s Bridge Dairy Shop – which is in the same building as the café but has it’s own space, you’ll find the whole range of Toon’s Bridge cheeses, plus a serving counter packed with olives and home made deli items. Shelves hold a wealth of kitchen ‘must haves’, like Macroom oats and flour, good olive oils and vinegars and other storecupboard items.

Wine to go with all this food is sourced by Jenny Rose, who looks for the unusual labels. All wines are organic, so you get something different when you pick up a bottle. You can also buy local craft beer from this region and locally produced apple juice. Find Jenny's own home baking here as well. This is also showcased on the counter in the café – everything from homemade scones to cakes, cookies and biscuits. All made with organic flour, free range eggs and creamery butter.

This little space is quite the haven for foodies – you don’t have to walk far between the shelves to find something you really want to buy. Afterwards, nip round the side door to the spacious conservatory café and enjoy a cuppa with a simple savoury plate of cheeses or charcuterie, or a Jenny Rose special cake or biccie. Clever girl she is! 

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