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Tommy Ryan is a whizzkid when it comes to coffee roasting.  Ponaire (which means bean in Irish) is an Irish handcrafted coffee Roastery, Production Facility, Cafe, and Barista School on Main St,  Newport, Co Tipperary.

Here is a  family owned and run business, looked after by Tommy and his wife Jennifer, a couple well recognised and respected for premium coffees. As artisan producers, they are passionate about good, traceable, healthy food and strive to work closely to support other artisan producers throughout Ireland.. Pónaire has access to more than 90 different green coffee beans from over 20 countries around the world.  

Only Arabica beans are selected for their quality and taste,  from sources that support the local producer, their community and the environment in a sustainable manner. Meticulous roasting, blending, and packaging at the purpose-built roastery, ensures coffee reaches cup or customer in perfect condition.  Blends include Costa Rica, Indian, Decaf, various European blends, and the delicious Fairtrade Medium Roast, great for daytime drinking.

Freshly roasted coffee is delivered to the customer as quickly as possible  - at its optimum freshness. Ponaire can support all your coffee needs – they supply a wide selection of whole beans, ground coffee as well as a full range of equipment.  The Ryans cater for every coffee requirement - from large business orders to small shops and cafes. An online shop also makes buying the right blend easy. 

We hardly need mention that Ponaire coffee is multi award winning! What else would you expect with all this care of product and expertise to hand! This coffee range has won numerous accolades from professional bodies at home and abroad. Find your ultimate blend and you'll be awarding your own prizes - we are certain of that! 

Read more about Ponaire Coffee here.

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