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Port Oriel


John Delany is an adventurous man. Always with an eye to producing quality. Never afraid to take a calculated risk.  He loves good natural food. Working with marketing and technological expert Brian Fitzpatrick, the pair have pioneered a new Irish sea salt which is receiving acclaim from cooks and chefs. It’s the only one of its kind in Ireland, a totally pure fine grain salt high in minerals and fresh sea water taste. 

Oriel Sea Salt is harvested from deep sea water from the ancient Kingdom of Oriel at Clogherhead, Co. Louth. The Kingdom of Oriel region is significant, with a thousand years of salt history. ‘Clogher’ means rocky, and 5000 years ago, the Celts moved large rocks and boulders from here, down the coast and up the River Boyne, to build the famous Newgrange Neolithic Tomb. Clogherhead is also credited with being the ‘Birthplace of Ireland.’ Five hundred million years ago, this part of the coast was the center of an important Tectonic Plate shift, which saw the continents of America and Europe collide. Here at this now quiet fishing harbour of Port Oriel, the ‘concertina’ appearance of the rocks show the impact this shift had, and how Ireland was formed. Fossils from both continents have been found in the rocks here. There's a video of geological experts discussing this major happening above, take a look, it’s interesting! 

Oriel Sea Salt uses the latest in technology to harvest sea water and produce pure natural sea salt by a process of reverse osmosis. If you weren’t present for that lesson in science, you can taste the results of it now! Oriel Sea Salt goes through several filtration and purification systems over many hours, leaving behind a pure natural product, certified by the Organic Trust. Sea water at Clogherhead has high salt and mineral content. This process of production also captures these minerals.

Two types of salt are produced. Both fine grain and mineral rich. One is finished by kiln drying the grains, to give a dry, free flowing salt with no anti caking agents. The other is natural, slightly moist fine grain salt which is almost powder like in texture. Oriel Sea Salt has great qualities in culinary terms. The intense taste means you can get away with much less than the recommended daily allowance of salt  because the flavour is so powerful. A light sprinkling on food before or after cooking is all it takes to add the flavour of the sea to any dish. The team at Oriel has created a unique Irish product. We think you’ll agree. 

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