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Oriel Sea Salt is a natural salt produced by the adventurous John Delaney in County Louth.

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Oriel Sea Salt is harvested from deep sea water from Port Oriel, Clogherhead, Co. Louth. John Delaney and Brian Fitzpatrick harvest a pure natural sea salt by a proprietary process which delivers a fine grain sea salt with an incredible kick of flavour and an intensity that delivers a taste profile with massive depth.

Our Review of The Oriel Sea Salt Company Louth

John Delany is an adventurous man. Always with an eye to producing quality, he loves good natural food. Working with marketing and technological expert Brian Fitzpatrick, the pair have pioneered an Irish Sea Salt which is receiving acclaim from cooks, chefs and food producers from Ireland all the way to the Californian coast. It’s the only one of its kind, a totally pure fine grain salt high in minerals with a fresh and intense taste of the sea sea. Oriel Sea Salt is recognised by the EU Commission as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) with an Organic harvesting process and Origin Green Sustainability.

This natural fine grain, mineral rich sea salt is the perfect ingredient sea salt. Indeed many of our country's finest brands have embraced the powerful yet subtle intensity and taste profile. Oriel offer three different sea salts. The first is their Natural, a fine grain, slightly moist that looks like freshly fallen snow. They then take this and put it through their custom built Kiln to create a Free Flowing pure free of any additives or anti caking agents. Finally they also create some smoked varieties such as Teeling Whiskey, Guinness and Roe & Smoked Whiskey Smoked. In culinary terms Oriel has great qualities, the intense taste profile means you can get away with much less because the flavour is so intense. A light sprinkling on food before or after cooking is all it takes to add the flavour of the sea to any dish.

"It's not until you taste this salt that you realise how clean and pure its flavour could and should be. And it's Irish, we should all be using it!" says Ross Lewis of fellow Good Food Ireland Approved member Chapter One. " Our mission is to help chefs realise what a difference a great sea salt can make to their food when used as the ingredient to replace table salt and given the same respect as other fine ingredients." John Delaney remarks.

Oriel Sea Salt is harvested from deep sea water from the ancient Kingdom of Oriel at Clogherhead, Co. Louth. The Kingdom of Oriel region boasts a thousand years of salt history. ‘Clogher’ means rocky, and 5000 years ago, ancient Celtic tribesmen moved boulders weighing up to 100 tonnes from here, down the coast and up the River Boyne, to build the famous Newgrange Neolithic Tomb. Clogherhead is also credited with being the ‘Birthplace of Ireland.’ Five hundred million years ago, this part of the coast was the epicentre of a massive Tectonic Plate shift, witnessing the collision of the continents of America and Europe. Here at this now quiet fishing harbour of Port Oriel, the ‘concertina’ appearance of the rocks show the impact this shift had, and how Ireland was formed. Fossils from both continents have been found in the rocks here. There's a video of geological experts discussing this event on the Oriel Sea Salt website, definitely worth a look.

From the finest restaurants and hotels to brands in hand cooked crisps, sauces, protein bars, butters, beverages and even curing hams, Oriel Sea Salt delivers a punch of flavour and intensity. The team at Oriel has created a unique Irish product. We think you'll agree.

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