Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants

Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants, 100% natural cold pressed pure juice with no added sugar, made from home grown Irish blackcurrants at Ballykelly Farm, Co Wexford.

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Following recent requests for same, Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants is now offering Farm Tours for Groups of 10 or more. Discover how a working berry farm operates at Ballykelly Farm, home of Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants in County Wexford. Three generations of farming know-how is behind their success as well as their ethos to look after the farm and the crops as well as they look after their customers - with the very best of care and attention at all times. Pre-booking is essential.

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Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants

Blackcurrant Cordial and Frozen Blackcurrants

Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants have a distinctive depth of colour and the highest natural sweetness. A ‘fresh from the farm’ taste, not easily forgotten! Chefs and food producers love our blackcurrants for their unique flavour and versatility. Our jewelled black fruits are easily incorporated into culinary creations for menus and retail food products. Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants can be purchased from the farm in small and large packs and delivered in frozen temperature controlled packing within 24 hours. His Irish Blackcurrant Cordial can be found in good food stores around the country or bought in Cases of 6 x 500ml bottles direct from the Farm.

Our Review of Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants

Third generation Blackcurrant grower, Des Jeffares knows his blackcurrants. He is the husband of our Founder Margaret Jeffares who also runs Good Food Ireland from here on the farm. Since 1955, his family have grown these Super Fruits at Ballykelly Farm, in Ireland's sunny south east in County Wexford. His skills and expertise have been handed down through family, to the point where vast professional knowledge marries perfectly with inherent intuition in determining what it takes to grow superlative quality fruit. Des produces and sells whole Blackcurrants, fresh from the farm during harvest, end of July to mid August and frozen IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) all year round.

Chefs and food producers love his Blackcurrants for their plump ripeness, sweet juicy flavour and palate perking vibrancy of freshness. In Celebration of 60 Years Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants is launching in March 2015 a unique first to market 100% Natural Cold Pressed Pure Juice Irish Blackcurrant Cordial with No Added Sugar made from his Home Grown Blackcurrants and Not From Concentrates for better health and a far greater taste. It is sweetened with Stevia a natural non calorific sugar alternative. This Blackcurrant Cordial is so versatile for the whole family and can even suit the busiest of life styles. It dilutes 4:1 and is and have a wonderful clean taste. Dilute with still or sparkling water or if you fancy put a dash into your champagne or pour over vodka on the rocks. Delicious! Des has over a hundred acres of Blackcurrants. Specially selected varieties are grown to the highest international standards, using environmentally friendly practices. Fruit are harvested at optimum ripeness, then frozen on the farm, so no long distance travel, within hours of harvesting, to retain that fresh 'on the farm' goodness. Ballykelly Blackcurrants are whole berries, free of waste. Anyone who has tried to grow soft fruit on any scale will know it's a headache from start to finish. Des has spent his entire career working out how to get the best yield and protect the crop. It's not an easy task.

Ballykelly farm has full Bord Bia Quality Assurance, which means that his farming practices are monitored to the most exacting standards. It takes three years for each plant to produce harvestable fruit. That requires and investment of patience and dedication, and a few prayers that the weather will be kind to the crop once it starts to grow! Provided the prayers work, what you get at picking time are plump, dark, juicy berries, hanging like precious gems from rows and rows of healthy blackcurrant bushes.

Blueberries get all the praise in the Health stakes - but Blackcurrants can knock the spots off them. They are rich in vitally important Vitamin C, and other nutrients which boost the immune system, to fight off all sorts of bugs and germs.  Blackcurrants are also known for their antioxidants, which banish "free radicals' from the blood stream to help keep the heart healthy, and some say they can help in the fight against cancer too. At the very least, Blackcurrants keep skin healthy and glowing, add shine to hair and nails, and just give you that little bit of a zap of fruity wellbeing we all need sometimes. Mr Jeffares Blackcurrants can be purchased from the farm in small and large packs and delivered in frozen temperature controlled packing within 24 hours. His Irish Blackcurrant Cordial can be found in good food stores around the country or bought in Cases of 6 x 500ml bottles direct from the Farm.

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