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You might say a banger is a banger is a banger, but you won't say that anymore when you taste Jane Russell's Original Irish Sausages. No indeed! Think best quality pork and beef from one individual small producer in the heart of Tipperary. Think delicious flavourings and styles not usually the norm in mass produced sausages. And think taste, juiciness and the most savoury moistness in the mouth. Are you getting the idea? Now that's a Jane Russell banger for you! Jane is the fifth generation of a prize-winning pork and bacon curing family, so it's no wonder she's good at this. It's in the blood! Her recipe for the Original Irish sausages is taken from the diary of her Great Grandfather. Travels to France brought about the garlicky and meaty Toulouse sausage. And the Beef and Guinness was conceived in the UK capital city of London. There's also an Italian sausage infused with flavour from fennel and pimiento, and a German Bratwurst, meaty and gluten free. Following family traditions, Jane also dry cures bacon rashers.

Once you've cooked on of these sausages, whether it's the original for brekkie, or a old fashioned but modern supper of the Beef and Guinness or Italian, served with buttery mash and some onion gravy, you'll fall in love. Those other bangers you ate before will just pale into insignificance. These are designer sausages at their absolute best. As Jane herself says ''No off cuts. No short cuts. Just prime cuts.' And of course, a big dollop of her fifth generation, inherent intuition when it comes to putting it all together. Like we said earlier, it's in the blood! 

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