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Larry Maguire is a goat’s cheese producer based in Dunmore, Co. Galway.

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Our Review of Galway Goat Farm

Larry Maguire produces delicious cheeses from fresh goat's milk from his home in Dunmore, Co. Galway. Fresh milk is pasteurised on site before the fun of cheesemaking can begin. Larry and his wife Anne produce several products from soft fresh goat’s cheese to fresh goat’s cheese curd and a goat’s milk yogurt. 

Larry’s inquisitive nature is always present when he is cheesemaking and his latest endeavours are a testament to this. Recently Larry has been experimenting with his goat’s cheese by maturing it a bit longer, this is named Gurteen Button. He has looked to a traditional French style when creating his latest cheese Conc Dubh. This is produced by spreading a light coating of ash on the rind that is matured for a period of 3-4 months. Conc Dubh is a goat’s cheese pyramid which has a dry texture and is strong in flavour. Enjoy Larry’s cheeses spread over some freshly baked bread, accompanied by some crackers or in a summer goat’s cheese salad.  

Larry and Anne’s passion for their cheeses is clear and is apparent when you hear them speak about their products and the cheesemaking process. This passion and dedication has translated into success. Galway Goat Farm cheeses have seen much triumph with hving won numerous awards over the years. 

Galway Goat Farm
An Teach Tui, Gurteen
H54 XY19DunmoreGalway
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