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Find bread mixes, biscuits, cakes, beautiful crackers, cake slices, scones, wholesome breakfast Granolas and other goodies in the Wheat and Spelt baking selection. These are the products that have made the business thrive.

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Our Review of The Foods of Athenry

The name of this family run business, owned by Siobhan and Paul Lawless, and dreamed up by one of their young daughters, has become one of the most recognised throughout Ireland.  Set among the famous rolling fields of Athenry, this farmhouse bakery prides itself on producing healthy baked goods, made with pure and natural local ingredients, love, care and absolutely no additives in sight.

It all started several years ago, when Siobhan and traditional dairy farmer Paul had to consider a way of supplementing the income from their farm. Siobhan, a secretly talented baker who inherited her skills from her Grandmother, had always baked wholesome breads and cakes to feed her growing brood of five. As a young mum, she understood the importance of giving her youngsters healthy foods that contained no additives. Her baking was famed within family and friends. And so the idea was born that this would become another way of earning a crust – sorry for the bad pun! Paul had built a new row of sheds and houses for his beloved cows, and there was a bicycle shed going begging at the end of the row. Siobhan soon earmarked it for her first little bakery premises, and when kitchen conversions were complete, production began. She started small, but within a very short time, output doubled. Initially, she sold her wares at farmer’s markets in Loughrea and Oranmore, Co Galway. Demand grew. The cows went. Siobhan’s bakery took over not just the bicycle shed, but the converted dairy parlour, calving pens and collection yard too. Then something terrible happened. A devastating fire wiped out the business from the ground up. Everything was lost. At the end of the clean up, there was nothing left to continue a business with. A situation that could have finished off even the best and most committed producers.

But Siobhan and Paul rose up from those ashes to rebuild their business. Brand new purpose built kitchens were designed and placed on the same spot the old kitchens had grown organically.  Just a year after the fire, the pair were back in action.  This meant a brand new opportunity also for Siobhan. Alongside the established additive free baking The Foods of Athenry had become so famous for, she had longed to develop a gluten free range that was just as good and tasty. In fact she had been working on that before the fire, and was due to launch the first of the range at that time.  A year later, the business was rebuilt, bigger, better and stronger than before, with a kitchen for the traditional baking range and a gluten free kitchen for the new range - which is approved by the Irish Coeliac Society. The stockists list has grown, business is getting better every day. One thing Siobhan is rightly proud of is that the gluten free range is appealing not just to those who must eat it for health reasons, but to a client base who are actually choosing it over normal baking for its taste and quality.  

Find bread mixes, biscuits, cakes, beautiful crackers, cake slices, scones, wholesome breakfast Granolas and other goodies in the Wheat and Spelt baking selection. . These are the products that have made the business thrive. In the gluten free choice, granola, bars, cookies, cakes, flapjacks and other delicious treats. A full range to please all palates, and at the affordable prices Siobhan had always focussed on from the start. All products across the production here contain no additives, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.  Many come as dairy/processed sugar/and or egg free options. Seasonal baking includes Christmas Puddings and Luxury Mincemeat, with specials for other times of year too. 

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