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Pier Road


Martin and Marie Shanahan are seafood heroes,  and their famous daytime restaurant in this pretty harbour town  was founded here, in what is now the Fishy Fishy shop and chippie. Right in the heart of Kinsale, where the boats land fish for one of Ireland's legendeary fish cooks,  and these days, tv celebrity.  But Martin wasn't one of those when he founded this place. The very nature of his style, influenced by easy, West Coast living, from Martin's time spent working there and enjoying the bounty of the region, has created one of the most famous fish emporiums in the land.  

Local boats bring in the fish, and individual fishermen are even named on the menu. Martin knows them personally, and can even find out what they have on the boat before they bring the catch into land. Yoiu can eat fish and chips at the cafe at this shop, outside on sunny days. This premises lies right at the heart of Kinsale town.  No finer place to watch the world go by. If you fancy eating on the hoof, a stroll around town clutiching a takeaway fish and chip lunch is the right way to go about it! A fresh fish counter allows you to buy some to cook at home if you so prefer.

Here is the original home of Fishy Fishy - a place to be revered for its originality and charm, set in one of the town's old buildings. If you fancy sitting down in more spacious and modern surroundings, a short walk around the harbour brings you to Fishy Fishy Restaurant along the quay. In both places you may find a queue - but believe us,  it's worth waiting in line for some of the best and freshest local fish in Ireland. 


Open Tuesday - Saturday

Chippie: 12.00pm - 4.30pm

Fish Shop: 9.30am - 5.30pm