Dittys Home Bakery & Coffee Shop

Much loved baked goods produced by Master Baker Robert Ditty and his team.

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Dittys Shop Castledawson Good Food Ireland

Dittys Home Bakery & Coffee Shop at Castledawson

Robert Ditty's Bakery and Coffee Shop in Castledawson is the original home of Dittys. There's been a bakery in the town here for the best part of 50 years, started by Robert's parents. When you visit here, you step back a generation in family history. Robert worked with his father in spare time and holidays, and eventually took over the business in the 1980's, after his father's death. Somewhat reluctant at first, but he took to it with an enthusiasm that's probably unmatched elsewhere. And he very generously shares this with the public. He's a fount of knowledge on practically anything to do with food and in particular, good baking. So here is the place to see first hand what all the fuss is about.

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Dittys Shop Magherafelt Good Food Ireland

Dittys Home Bakery & Coffee Shop at Magherafelt

Ditty's bakery is well known in this area. The shop and coffee shop at Magherafelt is a second business to the original in Castledawson, bought by Robert's father in 1963. Robert opened this second premises in 1985 - at the height of Northern Ireland's troubles. As he notes himself, it was a gamble at the time, but one that has most certainly paid off. This shop is always bustling and busy. Not surprising when the variety of cakes and buns is delectable. Browse the Eccles cakes, muffins, cream pastries, meringues, iced buns, vanilla slices, apple tart, and doughnuts - the list is practically endless. See them displayed on the counter and be strong enough to resist buying some!

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday: 08:00 - 18:00

Sunday: closed

Our Review of Dittys Home Bakery & Coffee Shop

Ditty is a famous name in Castledawson. A bakery was started here in 1963 by a master baker of the same name. Now it's in son Robert's hands - and Robert Ditty is famous in his own right. The skills and expertise of this second generation baker are carrying on the family tradition. Robert learned his trade beside his father, then took over the business after his father's death in the 1980's. Enthusiasm and passion soon followed his original reluctancy.  

Today the bakery at Ditty's produces an array of baked goods, including Robert's range of beautifully packaged oatcakes, now exported to some of the finest food stores in Ireland and the UK. Working with fellow artisans, Robert has created a variety of these little oatcakes, which match perfectly with cheese. Try the Smoked Oatcakes or Oatcakes with Gubeen cheese - and you'll see how innovative and forward thinking this man is when it comes to developing products and forging valuable links within the artisan food industry. 

But essentially, this bakery business has been built on old fashioned treats - buns, cakes, tarts, traditional Northern Irish soda breads and farls, and a holy host of other baked goodies. These are available for sale in the shop, and are included on the menu in the coffee shop too.

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