Button and Spoon Restaurant

A cosy eatery located in Wexford Town.

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Our Review of Button and Spoon Restaurant

Why do we love Button & Spoon? Well, we love the name of this pretty Vintage Tea Room, for a start.

When owners Nuala and Nigel Grant decided to start their own business in 2014, they needed a catchy moniker to identify their unique offering. Just as they were scratching their heads for inspiration, their springer spaniel Button walked through the door and lay down in front of them. The pair looked at their contented pooch, and thought Button as a name reflected the chocolate buttons used in cooking, and also the creative craft side of this little tea shop. They married it with Spoon to represent the wonderful home baking locals love. Button & Spoon was born.

The craft side of this business comes in the form of an imaginative and quirky interior. We love the brightly painted furniture, the country look and feel and the local art on the walls. We adore the cute little button bouquets made by Nuala and Nigel’s daughter, which grace every table, the beautiful display counter made by Nigel, and the beaded spoons made by Nigel’s mum. Marry all that with gorgeous home made food and baking to die for all served on mismatched bone china that has been donated by family and friends.

There's nothing nicer than a proper china tea cup to enjoy your brew from, but here it’s not just a china tea cup you’re getting. It’s a piece of history that has been held by many hands over many years and has deep connections to the couple’s family, friends and neighbours.

Nuala is a self taught cook and baker. She learned at her mother’s elbow in the home kitchen. Eventually, the love of the craft took over and she swapped a full time corporate day job in product development for the retail industry, to work with hubby Nigel, who also left his job in the agri sector. Together they launched Button & Spoon to local acclaim, and it’s praises are now being sung by a much wider audience.

We’re not surprised, because when you look at the cake counter here you could find any number of Nuala’s home made creations on display. Coffee, Walnut and Caramel Drizzle Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Lemon Drizzle with homemade berry jam, and many others could appear on any given day. As Nuala says ‘I like our homebaking to be just like the cakes you make at home. So I make big homely cakes that have a seasonal slant and are influenced by whatever I have in the fridge.’

But it’s not all about sweet things here. Button & Spoon serves a full daily menu of Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tea, with a casual supper service on Saturday evenings. Weekends are usually very busy so its advisable to book a table. You can start your day here with porridge, some buttermilk pancakes, a traditional grill or a Tea Room Speciality. At lunch, a selection of salads and House Specialities steal the show.

Button & Spoon also offers a Bespoke Wedding Cake service, and Dessert Tables for weddings and celebrations. These lavish displays of mini desserts and cakes are becoming the way to go for sprauncy affairs, all arranged and presented exquisitely by Nuala for diners to graze. For those visiting the tea room who don’t have time for something sweet, whole cakes, slices and portions are also sold to take away.

Nuala says ‘Our business is a family business, personal to us. We focus on quality, consistency and customer service. These are things we strive for in everything we do. Our business is definitely built on a foundation of cake!’ And jolly good cake it is, too!

Open for early evening meals during Festival Season, from 18th October to 5th November 2017.

Monday:           0900 - 1600
Tuesday:           0900 - 1600
Wednesday:    0900 - 1600
Thursday:         0900 - 1600
Friday:               0900 - 1600
Saturday:          0900 - 1700
Sunday:            0900 - 1700

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