Bill O'Dea - Irish Mycophagist

Bill is a passionate Irish Mycophagist, he loves his mushrooms and has been running mushroom hunts for over 20 years.

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Bill O'Dea, Irish Mycophagist. Irish Food & Drink, Good Food Ireland

Book a Mushroom Hunt with Bill O'Dea

With Good Food Ireland Experiences, you can book your very own Muhroom Hunt with Bill O'Dea. This is a must do experience for food enthusiasts who love to forage. You will join Bill and his wife Freda and will be introduced to the wonderful world of mushrooms followed by a foray in the beautiful woodlands of Wicklow on Ireland’s east coast just a short drive from Dublin. You will find, pick and identify mushrooms and then take part in cooking and tasting your edible findings.

Our Review of Bill O'Dea - Irish Mycophagist

Bill is a passionate Irish Mycophagist, he loves his mushrooms and has been running mushroom hunts for over 20 years. During mushroom season, Bill can be found roaming the Irish countryside in search of these delicious specialities. Bill studied his craft in University College Dublin and delights in sharing his knowledge on the fascinating, amusing and sometimes horrific aspects of fungi and their relationship to the planet and the other natural kingdoms, with all those who will listen. Bill has made quite a name for himself in the world of foraging and can often be found on National TV and Radio discussing all things foraging and fungi related. 

Bill hosts mushroom hunts during the autumn season when wild fungi is bountiful across the Irish countryside. Budding foragers join Bill as he picks and identifies a variety of mushrooms totalling over 50. Once the foraging is complete, the guests join Bill in cooking up the mushrooms with a variety of tasty herbs and seasonings. Of course emphasis is placed on edible mushrooms!  

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