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Barron's Bakery Shop in Waterford, is probably the oldest bakery in Ireland and still uses original Scotch brick ovens.

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Our Review of Barron's Bakery Shop

Barron's Bakery in the pretty Waterford village of Cappoquin is probably the oldest bakery in Ireland. One thing's for sure, there's not another which has the original Scotch brick ovens that bake the really special kind of bread this bakery is famous for.

Now in the hands of Esther Barron, the bakery employs the same traditional bread making methods used since it was opened in 1887 by her grandfather John Barron. After the death of John, Esther's father Joe continued the business until she joined him in 1975. In 1993, Esther's husband, Joe Prendergast joined forces with her, and the pair have run the business together ever since.

Barron's Bakery houses a shop where you can buy all the home baked goodies from this long established bakery. Choose from a varied selection, beautifully displayed in the cabinet's bread shelves and counter, to the front of the cafe.

Old fashioned butter loaves - a sweet version of a normal pan, barn brack with the addition of spices and dried fruits, seed loaves and traditional Irish brown soda bread are among the bread choices. The famous Waterford Blaa - a soft bread roll brought to the area by the Huguenots, is also here.

Over the years the baking has grown to include: elegant Gateaux, individual pastries such as Vanilla Slices, Chester Cake and Chocolate Truffle Buns, cakes like old fashioned handmade Battenberg, fresh fruit tarts, pies and crumbles, and savoury quiches. These have all been added to the Barron range, all handmade and beautifully presented. 

Not to mention their award winning Cornerstone Loaf, healthy brown seed bread packed with goodness, is named after the large cornerstone which protrudes from a row of terraced houses just up the road. In days where emigration was rife, those leaving their beloved village would chip a piece off the stone and take it with them - a little piece of home in case they never returned.

 The success of the Barron's Cornerstone Loaf also created Cappoquin's annual Cornerstone Festival, started by Joe and Esther with several other members of the community, to celebrate the good wishes and community spirit shown when the bread won its award at the RDS in 2005.

Browse the selection of Barron's Bakery specialities. Most definitely you'll leave with a bagful. And perhaps you'll stop and have a coffee and some lunch or a sweet bite in the cafe before you go. Sustenance to help carry those shopping bags!

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