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Ballycross Apple Farm Juice is a range of natural juices produced to the highest standards in Bridgetown Wexford.

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Our Review of Ballycross Apple Farm Juice Bridgetown Wexford

Taste a glass of Ballycross Apple Juice and you'll realise immediately why the von Engelbrechtens are so passionate about their products. They have realised the importance of the raw product - the apples which are grown on Ballycross Apple Farm in Bridgetown, Wexford.

Over the years, they have selected varieties with exceptional flavour, aroma and texture. The apples are hand-picked at full maturity and then pressed using traditional rack and cloth methods to ensure the delicate and distinctive aroma is captured in every bottle of Ballycross Apple Farm Juice. True artisan juices, there is no added sugar, water or preservatives, just great juices. They operate under a NSAI approved quality scheme that means high standards of food hygiene and traceability.  

Single variety apple juices include: Elstar, a sweet aromatic juice; Jonagold is a crisp, fresh, easy-to-drink, medium-sweet juice; Bramley, a dry, zesty juice. They also produce blended juices that include apple and blackcurrant (grown on the farm) and apple and carrot (grown locally). Ballycross Apple Farm is a Wexford family business with a long tradition of growing the finest quality apples. In season, they are available to buy in the Farm Shop.  

There is no doubting the main focus at Ballycross. Apples don't get much more of a star billing than they do here. The orchards are a delight, but so too are the farm buildings with their well manicured courtyard, farm shop and café. You may choose to settle in for a glass of well chilled juice and a light lunch or to take a bottle or two home. A case is to be recommended, a bottle never quite seems to be enough. 

You can browse the Ballycross Apple Farm Juice Online Shop by clicking here, or visit them in Bridgetown Wexford to taste this refreshing beverage.