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Aniar Cookery School offers courses that will build food knowledge, and transform seasonal and wild ingredients.

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Our Review of Aniar Cookery School

The wonder of Aniar Restaurant is being sung from many a rooftop. Owners JP McMahon and Drigin Gaffey have created a unique ‘terroir based’ restaurant focusing on fresh, foraged and wild ingredients from the west of Ireland. The invaluable food education, passed on through purity of sourcing, is now an integral part of the new Aniar Cookery School programme established at the Galway restaurant.  

JP is the Head Chef and lecturer at Aniar Cookery School.  His years of experience in the kitchen and in teaching, his tangible passion for good food and relaxed friendly style of teaching, add up to informative and enjoyable classes led by a man only too keen to pass on his own enthusiasm and knowledge to the students.

Courses in Galway’s Aniar Cookery School are as diverse as the dishes served in the restaurant each evening. Day workshops cover subjects like Planning a Dinner Party – all you need to know from menu planning, timings, food preparation and cooking and even wine pairings to make the party complete.

The Whole Hog: Nose to Tail Dining at Home, is a day workshop teaching how to use every part of a pig, distinguishing the different cuts of pork and what they are good for, and preparation of a pork based meal your friends will be well impressed with! For those who want a serious insight into great food, the six week long Understanding Food course covers the generics – Bread, Beef, Pork, Fish, Poultry and Vegetables. 

In accordance with Aniar’s individual way of treating and presenting all these ingredients, in the duration of the course, the group will learn new and creative techniques as well as traditional methods for cooking and serving them. The once a week evening classes are part demo and part discussion with some hands on participation. All students get a full recipe folder to help them along.

 Aniar Cookery School’s courses are always in development – new and exciting themes are introduced regularly. Groups are kept small – a maximum of six people, which means more concentrated attention and time from JP. What a great way to learn about local food, from a man whose knowledge and creativity is boundless, and add meeting some like-minded people into the bargain! Booking for courses is absolutely essential. Read more about Aniar, here is their Restaurant Review 

You can watch a video about the cookery school here.


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