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The Strand Cahore, Co. Wexford, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

The Strand Cahore is a long-held dream realised for proprietors Aileen and Patrick Hanley. This stunning eatery sits atop a hill facing out towards the great Irish Sea, just outside the quiet seaside village of Ballygarrett, Co. Wexford. 

Aileen and Patrick, having both gained extensive experience in the food and hospitality industry had spent 5 years looking for the perfect location and property to realise their dream of opening their own establishment. Constant searches kept bringing their attention back to a pub located on Cahore Pier, that had a lot of potential. Aileen and Patrick trusted their intuition and took over the business in January 2018. Having been based in Co. Kerry, the couple moved their family to Wexford to begin their new and exciting endeavour. Thus, The Strand Cahore came to be. 

It’s Aileen and Patrick’s experience in the food and hospitality industry that makes a dining experience at The Strand Cahore exceptional. Putting their hotelier stamp on the place, visitors are greeted with a display of fresh flowers in the entry and a warm and personable welcome. It’s those small yet thoughtful touches that are important and keep visitors coming back for more. 

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