Regan Organic Produce Approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection

Regan Organic Produce, Co. Wexford, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

We extend a warm welcome to Regan Organic Produce, Co. Wexford who have been approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection. 

At Regan Organic Farm, Mary Regan works hard with her family and employees to produce free range organic poultry and meat reared as naturally as possible, along with a range of organic fruits and veggies. The farm has been in the family for generations, traditionally a mixed farm. In the last few years, the team have focussed on producing organic poultry, mostly chickens but also some ducks, turkeys and pigs along with the fruit and veg. Regan Organic Farm is certified by the Organic Trust. 

Chicks from breeds like Ross and Hubbard are bought in at one day old and kept warm with gas brooders, eating a certified organic feed. At about three or four weeks of age, and they are allowed out in to the various paddocks on the farm to roam freely, dining out on grasses, herbs and bugs. Doing what chickens kept free range on traditional farms have always done. Farming these birds is a hands-on business, with monitoring on a daily basis.  

Read more about Regan Organic Produce on their Good Food Ireland profile page here. 

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