Realt na Mara Shellfish is Approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection

Realt na Mara Shellfish, Co. Kerry, Good Food Ireland

Good Food Ireland is delighted to announce that Realt na Mara Shellfish, Co. Kerry, has been approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection. 

Located between the stunning Dingle and Iveragh peninsulas in west Kerry, Realt na Mara Shellfish was founded in 2015 by Micheál Sugrue and Emmet Casey. This business is the culmination of generations of hard work within the local fishing industry, from which Micheál and Emmet learned their expertise from. At Realt na Mara Shellfish they produce top quality shellfish, oysters and mussels, managing the entire process from seed to what you enjoy on the plate!

You’ll find this family enterprise in Cromane, just outside Killorglin, Co. Kerry. The area in which it’s located has a strong history of traditional fishing methods with an innate sense of skill and expertise that has been passed on through generations. 

This skill, along with being located within the Castlemaine Harbour, in which a number of river systems flow, combine to produce top quality shellfish with great succulent taste and texture. 

Micheál and Emmet take a very hands-on approach and are in charge of the management of the farm. They can be found each day on the shore and beyond, nurturing their shellfish, come rain, hail, sunshine or snow. While quite labour intensive, the results of this hard work and responsible husbandry speaks for itself. 

Once they reach maturity, the shellfish are harvested from the farm and then brought to the in-house purification facility. Here the shellfish are graded and pre-washed. Purification is a process in which shellfish are held in tanks of clean seawater which is pumped through UV bulbs. This process lasts 42 hours for oysters and 36 hours for mussels. Once the shellfish goes through this rigorous process of being washed, packed and labelled, they are ready for consumption and are enjoyed across Ireland and beyond! 

This is just a quick snapshot of the fascinating process of producing shellfish, read more about this and Realt na Mara Shellfish here. 

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