La Marine Bistro Guest Chef 2017

La Marine Bistro Guest Chef is Denis VINET

One of Bill Kelly's favourite restaurants in The French Alps, La Ferme de Victorine, sees their head chef Denis VINET act as guest Chef at La Marine Bistro in Good Food Ireland members' Kelly's Hotel resort on Wednesday 15th November 2017. A wonderful opportunity for food lovers to see a master at work!

Denis VINET, Head Chef:

"When James recruited me as a cook, he opened Victorine's Farm. He gave me carte blanche and that's when I started my progression.""I work in tradition, I always try to improve"."I am a versatile cook, I have to adapt to the seasons, I prefer the summer to work the fish with different recipes and the fall for the game". "La Ferme de Victorine is my whole life. I am a happy man in my kitchens. I can not imagine doing anything else."

La Marine is Kelly's Hotel Resort's casual dining restaurant. This French bistro style brasserie offers exceptional value on the various a la carte menus, with dishes simply executed in keeping with this French way of eating. Contact Kelly's hotel to book your place - visit their review page here for details


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