Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese Approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection

Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese, Co. Galway, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

We are happy to welcome Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese to the Good Food Ireland Collection. Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese joins a group of hotels, restaurants. cafes, cookery schools and fellow food producers who prioritise the use of Irish ingredients in their establishments.

Travelling the world lead to inspiration in the development of Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese, produced in Co. Galway. This Irish cheese launched in 2017, is influenced by the Swiss Alpine tradition of cheesemaking and is making a great impression with cheese enthusiasts around the country. 

Teresa Roche returned home to Ireland a number of years ago having travelled in her career as a nurse.  Her experiences abroad opened her eyes to ways in which she could re-invigorate her family farm back in Loughrea, Co. Galway. Teresa grew up in a family with a strong tradition of farming going back generations. Initially a mixed farm of various practices, this was all changed when Teresa’s father took over the farm. He re-organised the farm and concentrated mainly on dairy. A strong herd was built up, with careful practices of breeding put in place. The success of his venture resulted in him winning farmer of the year along with using his wealth of knowledge by participating in various Agricultural groups.

In this we can clearly see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The ingenuity and vision of the father is mirrored in the daughter as years later, Teresa herself looks to bring new life to the farm with her practice of cheesemaking. 

Read more about Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese on their Good Food Ireland profile page. 


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