Good Food Ireland® Founder Margaret Jeffares calls on Irish people to Support Local

Margaret Jeffares, Founder & CEO, Good Food Ireland

As restaurants and hotels begin to reopen on June 29th, Margaret Jeffares, Founder of local food provenance brand Good Food Ireland® calls on Irish people to support origin-linked regional food products and local tourism communities.

Restrictions on international travel provides opportunities to rediscover Irish tourism businesses and support local producers, encouraging Irish people to visit the countryside and express solidarity with local producers and communities promoting food-tourism and cultural heritage” says Margaret Jeffares, Founder, Good Food Ireland®.

With Covid-19, the loss of Foodservice and Food Tourism channels has impacted disproportionally on smaller food producers who tend to sell regionally and locally with a high proportion of their sales with local hotels, restaurants and niche speciality retailers.

On the first week of lockdown I had 132kgs of my fresh goat's cheese ready to be delivered to restaurants but they couldn’t accept it because of closures. It was a devastating blow to my business. As a small producer I mainly depend on restaurants. 98% of my business disappeared overnight” says Larry Maguire of Galway Goat Farm.

The importance of a strong food service sector, is vital to assist in sustaining the Irish artisan food sector. The fallout from the current pandemic on top of ongoing challenges from imported food threatens the future of these local food businesses.

Ireland imports almost 8 billion euro of food and beverage. The import substitution of indigenous foods, not only causes a threat to local producers but in the longer term potentially forces the extinction of the production of these much-loved ingredients, that we may take for granted to be produced in this country" says Margaret Jeffares.

She goes on to say “As we look forward to planning our staycation and going out for a meal with friends and family please consider restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels that are committed to using Irish ingredients in their produce and cuisine. Never before has this been so important. Check out the Menus, ask where the food comes from. The impact of your choice will not only provide you with a better food experience but also create a much-needed lifeline for small family food producers”.

Good Food Ireland® gives assurance to tourists and locals alike and directs them to an approved Collection of Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, Hotels and local Food and Drink Producers. It is the only all island quality standard endorsing businesses through strict sourcing criteria and onsite inspection, based on a commitment to using Irish ingredients, supporting Ireland’s farmers, food producers and fishermen and creating sustainable local communities. Look out for the Good Food Ireland® sign of approval outside businesses or log on to to get up to the minute news on Restaurant and Hotel re-openings, Dine at Home and Cook at Home Experiences as well as where to buy origin-linked regional food and drink.


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About Good Food Ireland®

Good Food Ireland® was established in 2006, the brainchild of its founder Margaret Jeffares, it grew organically from a need to link the agri-food and tourism sectors, to develop food as an economic driver in tourism and create much needed, previously unexplored commercial opportunities for businesses. Through its network of like-minded businesses, it connects chefs with farmers, food producers and fishermen to support the development of sustainable local sourcing. Today it is a trusted icon for which chefs, producers and food lovers globally can share in Ireland’s local culinary and cultural identity.


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