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Exclusive Escargot, Co. Galway, Good Food Ireland®

Escargot have always been linked with French cuisine and not something that you would believe to be associated with the West of Ireland but that is exactly what you'll find on Steven and Sandra Ryan's farm in Tuam, Co. Galway. Exclusive Escargot, this unique business rears 400,000/500,000 fresh Irish snails on an annual basis on just 1/4 of an acre of land. Now that's a great use of limited space!

Necessity is the mother of invention and this you might say is how Exclusive Escargot came to be. Steven was looking for ways to add value to his farming occupation and came across the practice of snail farming. After doing extensive research and visiting other snail farms within Ireland, Steven set up Exclusive Escargot. 

The farm is organised in such a way to shelter and protect the snails. Loose timber planks are laid out in pyramid style on a centre beam. On each side of the pyramid you'll find rapeseed and flouring bee plants. The snails hibernate during the day on the underside of the planks and come out at night to feed on the plants. Their diet is supplemented by specially formulated feed. All these practices result in a top quality product. The escargot are stored in natural brine and are ready for cooking or serving for chefs or fans of this delicacy. High in protein, escargot are becoming more and more popular in the Irish market. They can be enjoyed simply with some garlic butter and parsley. Delicious. Visit their online shop to order and enjoy at home! 

Read more of what we have to say about Exclusive Escargot here. 

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