Butler's Organic Eggs Approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection

Butler's Organic Eggs, Co. Carlow, Good Food Ireland

Butler's Organic Eggs was founded in 2006 and is located just outside Hacketstown, Co. Carlow near the border with Co. Wicklow. Here David and Paula Butler, first generation poultry farmers, produce an amazing range of organic eggs that are much loved by chefs, good food shops and the public in general. Their eye catching off-aqua coloured branding has been a draw for many customers, who never look back after tasting these delicious organic eggs!

From humble beginnings of just 250 hens and a DIY henhouse, this family business has grown leaps and bounds and now accommodates 4,000 laying hens and a state of the art fully automated poultry unit that is certified organic by the Irish Organic Association (IOA) Their brood of hens have free roam of the 4 acres of organic pasture that makes up the family farm. They spend their days from sunrise to sunset leisurely grazing on worms and herbs from the land before returning to their indoor living space. In keeping with the organic status, the hens' diet is also supplemented by organic feed. 

These delicious organic eggs give a truly satisfying taste and make a wonderful addition to a morning breakfast or as part of your baking ingredient list. Butler's Organic Eggs are available in good food shops and supermarkets across Carlow, Wicklow, Dublin, Kildare and beyond. Keep an eye out for their eye catching branding on your next food shop. 

Good Food Ireland are delighted to welcome this family business to the Good Food Ireland Collection. 

Read more about Butler's Organic Eggs here. 

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