Attyflin Estate Approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection

Attyflin Estate, Co. Limerick, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Attylfin Estate, Co. Limerick have recently been approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection. Attyflin Estate joins a collection of likeminded hotels, restaurants, cafes, cookery schools and fellow food producers who prioritise the use of Irish ingredients in their establishments. 

The O’Connell family have been owners of the historic Attyflin Estate for over 17 years. A vision of showcasing the exceptional produce of this 250 acre estate has come to fruition with the development of their range of homegrown Attyflin Estate food and drink products including, pressed apple juice, cider vinegar, jams, chutneys and preserves. 

Located on Ireland’s Golden Vale in Co. Limerick, this rich heartland is well known for growing exceptional food and Attyflin Estate’s offering is no exception. The Estate produces 8 varieties of apples. Varieties include Katy, an early season apple, bright red in colour with hints of green and yellow bringing a very unique flavour and distinct colour to the finished juiced product; Elstar which is well known for its natural sweetness along with a deep red coloured Rosette, noted to have hints of raspberry and strawberry in flavour – some other varieties include Cevaal, Cheerful Gold and Jona. Most varieties are dessert and eating apples which are found to be better for juicing. The Estate also grows cooking apples which of course are the key ingredient in creating some all-round favourite apple tarts. 

Read more about Attylin Estate on their Good Food Ireland profile page here. 


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