Achill Island Sea Salt Approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection

Achill Island Sea Salt, Achill Island, Co. Mayo, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Good Food Ireland are delighted to welcome Achill Island Sea Salt to the Good Food Ireland Collection. Achill Island Sea Salt join an exclusive collection of places to eat, stay, buy and cook, all of who identify local produce as having great importance within their business. 

Achill Island Sea Salt follows a longstanding tradition from the island in which it originates. In recent years Kieran O'Malley, his wife Marjorie, son Seán and daughter Meabh, have re-rejuvenated the practice by producing sea salt in the traditional manner from the pure water of the Atlantic Ocean. Water from the sea is brought up from the ocean, similar to in previous generations, replacing the buckets for tanks that can hold 2000 litres. It is then turned into brine and crystallized, dried and turned into the flaky, Achill Island Sea Salt that is so loved by chefs and consumers alike. 

An intense salty flavour of the sea is what you taste when you use Achill Island Sea Salt. The complex mineral character comes from minerals naturally occurring in the Atlantic Ocean around Achill, and the spring water flowing from the mountains on the island into the sea. The flaky consistency of Achill Island Sea Salt makes it a perfect table salt for sprinkling on food and great for cooking. This is a natural full flavoured salt, so you don’t need a lot to enhance a dish...

Read more about Achill Island Sea Salt on their Good Food Ireland Profile Page here. 

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