2600 US Visitors Wowed by Quality of Irish Food & Drink

Ardgillan Castle Good Food Ireland Showcase, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Over 2,600 US visitors were wowed by the taste and flavour of Irish food and drink at Ardgillan Castle & Demesne as the finale to a week-long Incentive Meeting. The Showcase Lunch was produced by Good Food Ireland® Events, as part of an Irish festival party staged by leading Irish DMC, Odyssey International.

Creating a collaborative menu with over 65 businesses, Good Food Ireland® brought together chefs from leading restaurants and hotels together with artisan food and drink producers from the four corners of Ireland. All businesses were approved under the Good Food Ireland® brand for their conscientious sourcing and commitment to Ireland’s indigenous produce, supporting Irish farmers, food and drink producers and fishermen. 

“The Good Food Ireland brand is a shining light in the promotion of the best of the best in Irish artisan food production, restaurants and hotels and helped me to sell Ireland to our US client and bring this incentive to the country. Serving over 2,600 guests (with no queues!) is no mean feat; doing it in the style which Good Food Ireland did is quite another, given the range and superb quality of food and drink on offer. Despite the great strides made abroad in recent years in the perception of Irish food quality and preparation, there is still a great unawareness and lack of knowledge of how great it actually is. In this case, Good Food Ireland has ensured that 2,600 Ambassadors for Irish food have returned to the USA only too delighted to spread the good news. Full credit goes to Margaret Jeffares, the tireless and zealous Founder of Good Food Ireland and her talented lieutenant, Susan Kerr” said Kevin Shannon, Owner of Odyssey International. 

Produced with flair and diversity by Masters of their craft, this unique Good Food Ireland Showcase was a once-off opportunity to meet the people behind the food and experience specially devised dishes made from Irish farm reared meats, fresh fish and seafood from Irish waters, a wealth of artisan and farmhouse specialities together with Irish fruit juices and craft drinks.  

Speaking about the event Margaret Jeffares, Founder & Managing Director of Good Food Ireland said “co-ordinating an event like this, while it is a huge task, it is extremely satisfying. We know and trust all the providers and are confident that we can offer the very best Irish food and drink experience. The collaborative production of like-minded people, food and drink is so powerful that the experience is second to none. We are grateful to Odyssey International and hope that we will continue to excel, create new commercial opportunities for providers and change the global perception of Irish produce and cuisine”.

Renowned for this unique experience Good Food Ireland® has a proven track record in coordinating Irish Food and Drink Showcases, providing Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners. It has previously produced Showcases for numerous corporate and government events at home and overseas and undertook the biggest ever Irish food and drink Showcase for some 20,000 delegates from 100+ countries at the Web Summit. 


For more information please contact Good Food Ireland Publicity T: +353 (0) 53 9158693


Images courtesy of Oydssey International. 

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