22/02/2017 - Ard Bia Celebrates 15 Years in Business with New Look Restaurant

Ard Bia, Galway City

Ard Bia the well known Galway eatery has been providing diners with an exceptional food offering for 15 years now. To celebrate this momentous milestone, the restaurant has recently undergone a fantastic new look renovation which Aoibheann MacNamara owner of Ard Bia, "has always dreamt of".

Since opening in 2002, Ard Bia has been leading the way in the melding of design, culture and creativity when it comes to food. A printed seasonal menu gives choices everyone loves. It's always seasonal. If you're stuck, staff are only too willing to help you choose. Knowledge of local foods at Ard Bia is astounding, making it the ideal place to eat fresh Galway produce. Enthusiasm leaks from every member of the team. Ard Bia is run by people who love food, for people who love food.

This new renovation is a representation of Ard Bia's continuation of their attitude and philosophy regarding food. Heading up the new design of Ard Bia is up and coming Irish designer Triona Lillis of The Tweed Project. Triona has worked seamlessly with the Ard Bia team to make their ideas come to the fore in the restaurant's layout and design. Triona described the process as being, "Many heads, hands and hearts made it happen". Each person involved had ideas on how the restaurant should look and all of these ideas came together to create the new look Ard Bia as it is today. 

Keeping the tradition of local close to their hearts, Ard Bia has featured local designers and craftsmen into the decor of the restaurant. This includes a new high bar table made by Gavin Morgan, using a beautifully sourced local chestnut, along with handmade pottery lampshades made by Spiddal potter Martha Williamson. 

One key feature that now is present in Ard Bia is this feeling of bringing the outdoors in. This was a desire for Aoibheann who states, "Earthiness, connectedness with our surroundings and a sense of revivalism is what we are hoping to achieve. We are very happy to have Ard Bia in Galway located in Galway. Galway is the home to many amazing designers, food producers and craftspeople. The Ard Bia reflects the best of that." 

Along with a new look restaurant comes of course a new look menu!. This is quintessentially Ard Bia in its relaxed and full of warmth feel. The dishes are lovlingly prepared by Head Chef Ronan Reynolds and his team. 

Congratulations to Aoibheann and her dedicated team, on reaching this milestone. We look forward to visiting Ard Bia soon. 


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