14/07/2017 - Floury New Season Potatoes Now Available from Greens Berry Farm

New Season Potatoes Now Available from Greens Berry Farm

Immerse yourself in the taste of summer with new season potatoes now available from Greens Berry Farm in Co. Wexford. 

Summer is packed full of fun things to do and delicious things to taste. One thing that we all wait for in eager anticipation is the flourly new season potatoes. A staple part of many people's summer dinners, there is nothing better than seeing a big pot of steaming flourly potatoes put down in front of you at the dinner table. Of course there's always a race, forks at the ready for the biggest most flourly potato, but that's all part of the fun! 

Now you can get you're very own bag of new potatoes to enjoy courtesy of Greens Berry Farm, located in Co. Wexford. A busy farm, especially at this time of year, where they also sell fresh soft fruit, Greens Berry Farm are delighted to bring their British Queen Variety Potatoes to the eager public! Grown on a low nitrogen regime, potatoes produced on the farm are so tasty that you just need a little salt and of course a nob of creamy Irish butter on top! These floury wonders are suitable for steaming or boiling but just make sure to watch the pot as no one likes a soggy potato! 

Now go dig into those lovely spuds! 

Discover more about Greens Berry Farm here > 

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