06/09/2017 - Loam Named Among Top 20 Sustainable Food Service Businesses

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Loam, a member of the Good Food Ireland Collection has been named on the shortlist for the much coveted award for most sustainable food service business alongside a fellow Michelin star restaurant, a fish and chip shop, country pub and street food stall, as well as cookery schools, a workplace and university caterer. 

Restaurants from Denmark, Ireland, France and the United States are vying with 14 of the UK's finest for the Food Made Good Business 2017 award which will be presented to the restaurant or foodservice business that has received the highest Food Made Good Rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) in the last year, at the Food Made Good Awards taking place next month on October 5th. 

Andrew Stephen, Chief Executive of the SRA has said, "These 20 businesses prove that it's possible to serve creative, delicious and sustainable food in any setting, whether fine dining, pub grub or college café. They should all serve as an inspiration to the whole sector to serve food that not only tastes good but does good too."

This recognition comes as no surprise for those who have had the pleasure of dining at Loam. Chef proprietor Enda McEvoy and his wife Sinead have created a dining space in Galway city that proclaims the importance of sustainablity in present times. Both food and decor reflect these sentiments. The importance of this is remarked upon by Enda who states, "Our philosophy here is only to use ingredients that are from the west of Ireland.” In Loam's kitchen you will not find a bottle of olive oil or exotic herbs and spices. Ingredients are sourced solely from what is available from primarily the West of Ireland and Galway in particular. This limitation instead of being a hindrance, has pushed the boundaries of creativity to produce dishes that are truely unique and thoroughly satisfying. Textures and colours of the west of Ireland appear in the earthy tones of the plates, in natural slate and slabs of stone, and the carefully chosen ‘dressings’ which enhance each dish. An evening spent dining at Loam truely is a lesson in sustainable food practices. 

We congratulate everyone at Loam and wish them all the best with the awards next month, we've got our fingers crossed! 

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For more information contact the Good Food Ireland Press Room - info@goodfoodireland.ie 

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