Standards and Obligations

How can a business be awarded to the Good Food Ireland Collection?

All businesses undergo a rigorous application process with independent inspection based on strict criteria prior to being approved.  An essential feature is that Good Food Ireland ensures that its approved businesses achieve and maintain the highest quality standards as set out in the brand philosophy and criteria. Good Food Ireland engages experienced, independent inspectors to conduct visits formally prior to approval and informally thereafter to ensure that we continue to uphold our promise to our customers and to each other. Registration for approval can be made online, please click here. 

What are the criteria?

Good Food Ireland standards and core values are based on a superior food offering or its supply

  • Demonstrate in a tangible way the link with local artisan partners by highlighting on menus and offering an authentic local food and drink experience
  • Showcase the taste and flavour of the indigenous food and drink produce of our island
  • Only serve beef of Irish or Northern Irish origin
  • Prioritise the use of the core ingredients of Irish cuisine – lamb, pork and bacon, dairy, poultry, fish, seafood
  • Prioritise and feature Irish potatoes, vegetables and fruits in season
  • Support and prioritise home baked, in-house cooking/production and handmade items
Good Food Ireland Philosophy

.. to prioritise the core indigenous ingredients of Irish cuisine and local food and drink produce, supporting Irish farmers, food producers and fishermen.

Our Mission to our Collection

….to collectively market good food businesses, with regulated criteria to the international and domestic customer, using the Good Food Ireland brand as the consumer-facing endorsement of consistent quality and authenticity.

Our Customer Promise

Good Food Ireland sets out a clear definition of what the brand conveys, and the guarantee that it offers customers.  It is the single-minded reason for choosing to the Good Food Ireland Collection as opposed to anywhere else.

A collection guaranteeing simply good food from, and for people, who really do care; Good Food Ireland gives assurance to food lovers that they will find good, authentic, rewarding food in its awarded Collection of businesses. You will always get much more than just good local food.