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Following on from our blog about the birds last week, we'd like to introduce you to the words of American poet Ogden Nash. Spring has sprung, the grass is rizI wonder where

Did you wake up this morning to receive a big display of affection from your other half? A loving card, a precious gift?  If not, don't worry.

With all our talk of romance for the human species on Valentine's Day, we seem to have forgotten to mention that the season has changed for all creatures great and small.

Have you been visiting another planet lately? Or perhaps the stresses and strains of every day life have caused you to forget one very important date?

Theobroma cacao, the botanical name for the Cacao Tree whose beans make chocolate, means Food for the Gods. No wonder it's the way to the heart for many.

Chilli is said to be an aphrodisiac food. Probably because fiery red chillies look pretty sexy!

For those out there who think romance is a thing of the past. Not in our book! We've got the engines on full power for love for this coming Valentine's Day.

We don't want to be wishing our lives away here, but we're not sorry to see the back of January! It feels like the longest month of the year.

Following on from our blog yesterday, where we hoped this month's second new moon, the Black Moon rising today,  would bring settled weather for spring growth - it seems th

Last weekend the gale gusts  were so ferocious we thought the house was going to collapse. Hailstones threatened to break windows with their force.


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