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You probably made lots of New Year’s Resolutions as midnight struck to ring in 2018. One of them was probably a vow to eat more healthily. For lots of good reasons! Relying on commercial ready meals and takeaways to keep you sustained costs a fortune, piles on the pounds, and brings on the serious and sometimes fatal health issues associated with a fast food diet.

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The New Year is here. With it, comes the traditional month of good intentions, frugality and abstinence. January is the time to come to terms with the maxed out credit card bill and start injecting a bit of good housekeeping into proceedings. It’s also a time for a bit of healthy eating to set you up after the excesses of Christmas. So how do you eat well on a budget?

Beef & Pork Ragù Tagliatelle

For those of you who didn’t go back to work last week, today is the day of reckoning. It’s going to be hard to return to a routine, after all the fun and relaxed feel of the past few weeks. The New Year is underway. For many, that might mean a new approach to eating at work, to save a few bob on take aways and get a bit healthier in the process. A few tips below may help you on your way to eating for good health and wealth in 2018.

The Diet Can Wait! - Cake from Button and Spoon Wexford Town

It’s only the second day of January. Going on a diet may well have been one of your New Year resolutions. But there’s plenty of time to worry about getting rid of those few pounds gained, after the feasting of the season. Christmas is not over yet, technically speaking.

Cooley Peninsula,Louth. ©Tourism Ireland Photographer: Tom Archer

Oh sorry, we didn’t mean to shout. We understand the first day of the new year is usually greeted by the thudding of a hangover for most party revellers.

Happy New Year From Good Food Ireland

In modern Ireland, New Year’s Eve is the big party night of the festive season. This is when we all clink glasses to ring out the old and ring in the new, while singing several verses of Auld Lang Syne. And kiss anyone who will let us. Rather drunkenly, in most cases.

Milleens Dreams, Milleens Cheese, Cork, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Christmas has passed for another year. Time to get ready to welcome the New Year! After all the festive feasting on big golden roast birds, fragrant Christmas Puddings, luscious desserts and decadent chocolates, sassy little bites are the thing for a New Year’s Eve bash.

Glen of Aherlow

The days between Christmas and New Year are still full of celebrational mood. But they also provide a chance to swap the need to shop for a day out in the fresh air, with the family in tow. A bracing walk on a mid-winter day helps clear the head and the system, after the excesses of Christmas Day, and before the onset of New Year partying.There are plenty of places in Ireland to enjoy a great day out. Here are five spots we love for winter walking...

St Stephens Day Brunch Ideas

It doesn’t matter how much you eat on Christmas Day, there’s always room for more on St. Stephen’s Day. You’ve got a house full of food to use up after all. December 26th is a day for relaxing, before the folks/friends/neighbours descend like a plague of locusts, to finish off the leftovers this evening!

Christmas Eve is finally here. There’s only one set of words which really sums up this very special night. ‘A Visit From Saint Nicholas’, AKA ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ is credited to the American writer Clement Clarke Moore. But most experts believe it was really written by Henry Livingston Junior.

Christmas Turkey

In the days after Christmas, the whole nation will be staring gloomily into the fridge, wondering when it’s ok to say they don’t want any more turkey sandwiches! Turkeys are great birds, but there’s an awful lot of meat on them to use up after the big dinner itself!

The Apple Farm, Cahir, Co. Tipperary, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

For many of us fortunate people, Christmas is a time of year where we can relax and reflect and meet up with family and friends. For a few days, daily life calms down and goes at a slower pace, well, when the hard work of Christmas preparation is over and done with. Looking to explore the greater outdoors and pick up some good food while getting some fresh air? Why not visit our selection of Farm Shops this winter?

Christmas countdown

Cooking a Christmas Dinner is not unlike cooking a Sunday roast for a large family. It’s about the same amount of effort with the cooking, with the only difference being the timings for cooking big joints of meat and larger amounts of veggies. Even cooks who can perfectly manage to co-ordinate a family roast with all the trimmings, on any given Sunday of the year, get all flustered at the thought of the biggest meal of the year.


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