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As the women of the small farmhouses of an Ireland of long ago created black pudding in their kitchens, using the by products of a home reared pig, they could never have known they were creating a traditional food that would win awards. This humble pudding made from pork fat and blood and sometimes oatmeal or barley, was originally made to sell at local markets, to supplement the income of the farm. It also fed the family as part of a traditional breakfast with home produced rashers and sausages.

Ruth Healy, Urru Culinary Store

When you walk into a food and hospitality business, have you ever wondered what a day in the life of the owner of the business must look like? Being in the food game is no ordinary job. It’s a vocation for most, and you have to love it to be in it. So we decided to ask our dedicated members how things work in a demanding job where the clock never stops.


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