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Valentine's Dinner at Airfield Estate, Dublin, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Bask in the beauty of Airfield Estate, Dublin while dining on a sumptuous meal in Overends Restaurant this Valentine's Day, with a few romantic inclusions thrown in to round the night off...

Faithlegg House Hotel & Golf Resort, Co. Waterford, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spoil that special someone in your life and what better way to say ‘I love you’ than spending quality time together. So pack your bags and head to Waterford, as romance is the order of the day at 4 star Faithlegg House Hotel and Golf Resort!

Take a Musical Tour around Ireland with Chill Musical Drives

Aside from being rich in food, history, art and breathtaking scenery, Ireland is renowned for its impressive musical background. Chill Insurance have brought out an eBook with all the information you need when it comes to visiting some of Ireland’s most musical locations, from the birthplaces of famous artists, to iconic video settings, to creating the ultimate Irish playlist. Nothing goes better with music than great food & wine, so we've decided to add a few of our favourite places to wine and dine during your musical roadtrip!

Ceviche, Raw Food Revolution, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Raw food is on the up for 2018. Joining vegetarianism and veganism (plant-based eating), this is the food trend that takes root in the movement toward eating for health. Which means eating nutritious fresh ingredients that contribute to good health, rather than eating a faddy health kick diet. When we talk about raw foods, we mean foods that are unprocessed and unaltered by cooking.

Carrygerry Seafood Chowder, Carrygerry House, Co. Clare, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

In the old Catholic Church, Friday was seen as a day of fasting. As rules became more relaxed, a couple of small meals were allowed, but red meat couldn’t be consumed. Fish was soon adopted as the main protein of the day.

Beetroot Juice, Irish Foods, Good Food Ireland

With every new year comes a new food trend. Who remembers the Freakshake furor of just a couple of years ago?! What can we expect to be big this year, in this ever changing, ever fickle, world of food?

Steak Dinner, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

‘Sous vide’ has become a bit of a buzz term in the culinary realm. Pronounced ‘soo-veed’, this is a French term which means ‘under vacuum’. Although it has now reached the giddy heights of fame in today’s professional kitchens, chefs have been using this technique to cook meat, fish and vegetables for many decades.

Celeriac Soup, Donegal Rapeseed Oil, Co. Donegal, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

There’s not much to beat a big bowlful of homemade soup to warm the cockles these cold days. From strictly veggie, to full on fish soup which could act as a light main course supper, our soups will have your inner central heating set to cosy in no time.

Try these five delicious seasonal soup recipes from our recipe collection.

Vegetables In Season

Frost bitten lands. A right auld gale blowing over the ocean. Snow capped mountains and hills. Gardens that look like Armageddon has happened and nobody told us. This is the landscape we are dealing with in mid-January, as the weather ravaged country shows its frailer side. It’s this environment which also has to provide us with food for the coming weeks. So what can we expect to be eating this month?

Non Alcoholic Drinks, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Giving up the booze for a bit was always one of the favourite resolutions made as the chimes of New Year rang out. But stopping drinking for the whole of January has gradually become a thing, with the first year of the month now commonly labelled ‘Dry January’.

Faithlegg House & Golf Resort, Co. Waterford, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

Christmas is long gone and the end of the first month of the year seems so far away. This is the time when the winter blues hit in a big way. Days are short. Weather is quite often atrocious. There’s not much to look forward to, till spring dawns on February 1st. Or so it would seem.


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