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 Cinnamon and nutmeg are among the spices of the festive season. Their heady fragrance sets the nostrils twitching.

Did you know that mince pies were originally made from meat? They date back to the 13th century, thought to have been introduced from the Middle East.

Cold weather. Hot soup. The best way to warm up! Thats the way we feel anyway. Soup is a meal in itself when you give it lots of flavour and texture.

Oh the joys of shopping. The frantic search for a parking space. The even more frantic search for a euro coin for the shopping trolley. Aisles of bottles, boxes and tins.

No better investment for a busy  cook than a slow cooker. This amazing electric one pot device isn't just another kitchen gimmick. It's usefulness knows no bounds.

Winter Sunday afternoons are made for a blazing log fire and a plate of cheese and crackers. At Good Food Ireland, we specialise in the best of both!

 Irish Apples came onto the market in October - the harvest was quite late this year due to poor weather conditions in the growing season.

In Ireland, almost every home will have a lighted pumpkin lantern outside the door at Halloween.

The capital of Ireland has its own food speciality.  Dublin Coddle is the sort of warming family grub you just love to eat.


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