Velvet Cloud Approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection

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Velvet Cloud, a range of sheep's milk products from Rockfield Dairy, in Co. Mayo has recently approved to the Good Food Ireland Collection. Velvet Cloud joins over 200 hotels, restaurants, cafes, cookery schools and food producers who prioritise the use of Irish produce in their establishments. We warmly welcome Velvet Cloud to the Good Food Ireland family! 

Rockfield Dairy, in the stunning surrounds of the Co. Mayo countryside is home to Michael and Aisling Flanagan and their flock of rambunctious sheep. Rockfield Dairy represents the culmination of generations of Flanagan farmers on the land and is the centre point for the production of the Velvet Cloud range of Sheep’s Milk products. 

Rockfield Dairy represents the new and ever-growing innovation in farming which sees farmers looking to alternative uses for their food outside of the more traditional methods of farming. Thus we find Michael Flanagan with a background in traditional dairy farming and his wife Aisling, turning their attention to the production of sheep’s milk and the delightful food products that come from this venture. The production of sheep’s milk products has been primarily dominated by Mediterranean countries. Many of us are familiar with sheep’s milk products in the form of famous cheeses such as Feta from Greece, Ricotta from Italy and Roquefort from France. Michael and Aisling were won over by the popularity of sheep’s milk in southern regions along with its health properties and its potential as a free from product and decided to bring sheep’s milk products to their farm in the West of Ireland. 

Read more about Velvet Cloud and their products on their Good Food Ireland profile page here. 

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