Top Kitchen Tools and Where to Find Them

Mortar and Pestle

We all have that moment in the kitchen when we are searching for the right tool for the job. Nothing else will do apart from our favourite little gadget that does the required task perfectly. So we got to thinking what our fave kitchen tools are, and we’ve put this list together. If you have more to add, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Garlic Crusher combined with cherry/olive stoner. This is a double whammy gadget! The trad garlic crusher thingy is at the top. But half way down the handle, you will also find a little round cup with a hole in the bottom, and opposite that on the other handle, a little metal prong. You sit your cherry or olive in the cup, then squeeze, and the prong pushes the stone out.  So flipping handy! 

Garlic Crusher

Microplane grater. A fine grater with a handle which comes in various grating options. You can buy a wide one to grate traditional strips, one with narrower openings for curls, and then one with really tiny openings for finely grated hard cheeses and citrus zest.

Mezzaluna. The perfect implement  for chopping herbs. Its name means ‘half moon’, because it has a curved blade with  a handle both sides.  Easy to use, just hold the handles  and rock the blade over your chosen herbs to chop roughly or finely.  No chance of getting the ends of fingers in with the herbs when you use one of these! 


Pestle and mortar. Yes,  we know you can do your blending and pureeing in a processor, but if you want small amounts of  proper pesto, roughly cracked black pepper or freshly ground spices , the old fashioned pestle and mortar is the way to go. Usually made from stone, marble or granite, the bowl should have a rough textured interior and the mortar should be comfortable to hold and use. Comes in various sizes. 

Vegetable peeler. Not just for peeling the spuds, but for shaving thin strips from raw courgettes, carrots,  cucumbers and other veggies  to pop in a salad. Try to get one that looks like a catapult and has a swivelling blade – it’s easier to use than a traditional veg peeler and the moveable blade can glide better over rough surfaces.

Vegetable Peeler

Tongs. Brilliant for turning hot food in a frying pan. Just pinch and grab your steak, pork chop, lamb chop or chicken joints between your tongs and flip them over – easier than chasing them round the pan with a fish slice and reduces risk of getting splashed with hot oil. Also a must have for the barbecue.

Gravy Separator Jug. This is an odd looking jug which has its spout situated near the base. The idea is that you pour in your hot  gravy, let it stand for a few seconds for the fat to settle on the top, then pour the gravy through the spout, leaving the fat behind. Genius.

Meat Baster. Looks like an implement a gynacologist might use in an examination, but don’t let that put you off! It’s a sort of large pipette with a squeezy bulb on top. You compress the bulb then dip the spout end into the roasting tray, release bulb to suck up the juices in the tray, then squeeze again to pour them over the meat. So much safer and easier than trying to baste big joints with a spoon. 

Manual citrus squeezer. The old fashioned  lemon squeezer is probably the best we know. Dish shaped, this has a ridged pointin the middle which when you pop your halved citrus fruit on top and twist,  extracts maximum juice. The serated rim has little teeth to catch the pips, and there’s a little spouted bit for pouring. Simple and effective and will not break down or run out of batteries. 

Lemon Squeezer

Where to Buy Kitchen Gadgets with Good Food Ireland 

These shops in our network which stock all the handy necessities you need in your kitchen. Have a browse!

Urru Culinary Store. Sells everything from peelers, graters, knives and cake tins, to a top of the range kitchen bin or a cheesemaking kit. And all the little knick knacks you need in between. If it’s not here it’s probably not worth having. 

The Ballymaloe Shop. This is where we found our garlic crusher/cherry stoner. Little invaluble things like this are lurking on the shelves, plus there are cake tins for every occasion, wooden spoons, ladles, knives galore, and more extravagant kitchen gadegets and tools if you want to splash out. A gem to browse.

Enjoy from White Gables. A beautiful shop where you’ll find lots of lovely bits and pieces, from handy kitchen tools  to tea towels you want to frame and put on the wall.  


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