Top 6 Foods to Get You in the Mood this Valentine's Day

Top 6 Foods to Get you in the Mood this Valentine's Day

Certain foods can bring on loving feelings on Valentine’s Day. We’ll take all the help we can get! Below are few common foods you can indulge in to make pulses race on February 14th.

1. Oysters

Oysters are known the world over for their aphrodisiac qualities. Casananova is said to have eaten fifty oysters every day. Eat them raw as they come, straight from the half shell, and feel the mood of lurve happening as you eat! Why is this? Because firstly they contain zinc, an important mineral for men, as it’s needed in sperm production. More modern research also links oysters to unique amino acids which are not available in supplement form. 

Achill Oysters, Co. Clare, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

These aid production of testosterone in men, and progesterone in women. Both are sex hormones, and again their connection to oysters contributes to the repuation of the shellfish as an aphrodisiac. Make sure to check out Good Food Ireland provider, Achill Oysters for your supply this Valentine's Day. Achill Oysters produces farmed Pacific oysters close to a beautiful beach on the Atlantic Ocean around Achill Island. These will go down a treat for loved up couples on February 14th. 

2. Celery

Who’d have thought it? The crunchy sticks we use as the basis for stews and casseroles, make soup from, and chomp our way through stick by stick in a crudite mix, is a sexy gourmet ingredient! Celery has phytoandrogens, the plant equivalent of testosterone, which is important for male sex drive.


3. Salmon

Fresh salmon contains lots of Omega 3 fatty acids which have huge health properties. These fatty acids are linked to heart health, but also to production of sex hormones. Salmon is widely available across Ireland with Good Food Ireland Smokehouses such as Connemara Smokehouse, Casey's Fish Products, Burren Smokehouse and Ummera Smoked Products all creating wonderful smoked salmon products for you to enjoy this Valentine's Day. 

Hot Plain Salmon Burren Smokehouse, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

4. Kale

Seriously. It might look boring and green and curly to you. But its powerful antioxidants help keep blood vessels healthy and protect their linings, increasing blood flow and boosting good circulation. Very important for a man if he wants to be a red hot lover. Kale soup it is then, on Valentine’s night...

5. Chocolate

What girl can resist a bit of chocolate? It brings on the feelgood factor for very good reason. It has natural stimulants for well being and enhances mood. So fellas, if you want to put some passion into Valentine’s night, bring her a box of the finest chocolate you can find. You might want to check out Good Food Ireland Chocolate makers such as, Wilde Irish Chocolates, The Chocolate Garden of Ireland, Lorge Chocolatier and Chez Emily Fine Handmade Chocolates for that!  

The Chocolate Garden of Ireland, Co. Carlow, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

6. Honey

Natural Irish honey contains special phytochemicals, which occur in plants and are similar to testosterone in men. Honey also contains boron which helps utilise Estrogen in women. So there’s a bit of a complimentary thing going on which means honey is good for men and women on Valentine’s Day. Honey on toast equals breakfast in bed! Good Food Ireland provider Leahy Beekeeping, Co. Galway, produces some lovely great tasting honey, well worth a try!

Leahy Beekeeping, Co. Galway, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

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