Soothe Your Inner Demon with our Magical Halloween Mixers

Wild Drinks and mixers for Halloween

Witches, wizards and warlocks, listen up! Skeletons, vampires, zombies and ghosts, pay attention!  If you’ve got plans to climb out of a coffin or burst in on a broomstick this Halloween, October 31st, you’re probably going to expect to be welcomed with a magic brew when you do! Whatever your age, Halloween is a time for partying. A time for some potions to warm the cockles of the heart (less) while ghouls, ghosts and demons rampage round the place like there’s a night dedicated to it. Oh wait…

 From young trainees of the Dark Arts to full blown Lord Voldemorts and Death Eaters, these Magical Mixers are a must for any Halloween party.

Winter Warming Punch

Winter Warming Punch

This dark and sultry mix is perfect for young witches and wizards and can be spiked up with something stronger for the grown up ones. Winter Warming Punch is a hot blackcurrant drink to warm cold hands and hearts, made with Mr Jeffares Blackcurrant Cordial and Irish Apple Juice,  spiced with star anise, cloves and cinnamon. For adults, adding a good slug of brandy to the mix will ward off colds and chills as you demonise the neighbourhood. Find the recipe here

Richmount Cordial

Irish Elderberry Cocktail

The Elder tree is one of Ireland’s magical Celtic Sacred Trees. From this, comes fragrant white elderflower blossom in summer and the dark and mysterious elderberries in autumn. The Celts and Druids believed that Elder was the ‘lady’s tree’ and that wands made of elder could drive out evil spirits.

We haven’t quite made a wand yet, but we have made a drink based on the amazing inky dark wild elderberry syrup like the ones made by Wild Irish Foragers and Preservers and Richmount Cordials. We reckon a shot of elderberry syrup mixed with sparkling wine and a little lacing of brandy would be a good way of driving those zombies from the door on Halloween night!

To Make One Cocktail:
Pour a little Elderberry Cordial into a sparkling wine glass. Add a measure of brandy then top up with sparkling wine.

Kids also love elderberry syrup topped up with sparkling water for a natural fizzy and refreshing drink, or topped up with hot water for a warming mugful. Packed with vitamin C to boost the immune system and prevent colds and flus – gotta be good when they’ve been trick or treating out in the cold!

Mulled Apple Juice
The Druids loved apple trees. Apparently, they would cut an apple into three pieces and rub the pieces onto warts, while whispering a spell. Then they would bury the pieces and as the apple decayed, the warts would disappear. So when that witch with the wart on the end of her nose comes a’calling on Halloween, just give her a mug of Mulled Apple Juice and she may soon become beautiful again!


Apple Juice From Ballycross

To make one litre:
Pour a litre of Irish apple juice from one of our makers like Ballycross or The Apple Farm, into pan. Add a few cloves, a stick of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey if you want to sweeten it. Stir gently over low heat till the spices infuse the juice.  Stir in some apple slices. Serve in heatproof glasses. Tip: You can make this into an alcoholic punch by adding a 500ml bottle of real Irish craft cider like that from The Apple Farm with a shot of brandy or Calvados.

Wild Honeysuckle Shrub Shot

Sharon and Gordon Greene of Wild Irish Foragers and Preservers use traditional foraged plants and berries to make their range of syrups, shrubs, curds and preserves. Irish wild honeysuckle, or Woodbine to give it the original name, has long been believed to have had power over bad spirits in Ireland. It was said that if honeysuckle grew around the door of a home it would prevent witches from entering.

Wild Irish Foragers Shrubs

Failing that, when an adult witch appears at the door on Halloween, offer her a shot of Honeysuckle Shrub from the Wild Irish Foragers and Preservers.  Along with a bit of good Irish cheese which Sharon Greene says goes very nicely with the old fashioned traditional ‘shrub’ she makes with  foraged wild honeysuckle and Irish Apple Cider Vinegar. She also reckons this shrub makes a good ingredient for dressings and marinades and adds a heady fragrance and flavour to home made hummous.

Sounds like yummy party eats to us. Small witches  and wizards will be soothed by a drizzle of the Wildies Honeysuckle Shrub on some ice cream after the trick or treating!

Nettle Nojito
Nettles were known in ancient Celtic folklore as the ‘Devil’s Claw’.  Not surprising when you can get a nasty sting if you brush against one by accident.

Syrups from Wild About

The Celts also believed that nettles grew near the places of the fairies and that if you got a nettle sting, it protected you from witchcraft and black magic. So you might want to think about having some nettle protection for yourself this Halloween. You don’t have to get stung to get it though. Fiona Falconer of  Wild About has created a fantastic non-alcoholic Nettle Nojito cocktail with the nettle syrup she makes from wild nettles at her home in Co. Wexford. 

For one jug:
Fill the jug with ice and add a bottle of Wild About Nettle Syrup. Add the juice of two squeezed limes then top up with sparkling water. For the grown ups, Fiona suggests ‘throwing a shot of vodka, Bacardi or gin in – for the craic!’

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