Ooh La La It’s Bastille Day!

Liberté Égalité Fraternité was the motto of the people who led the French Revolution in 1789. As they stormed the Bastille state prison on July 14th of that year, their war cry, which means freedom, equality and fraternity, was to be heard in rapturous chorus.

Bastille Day is a French national holiday when this major turning point in the French revolution is celebrated nationwide. As with all things French, food plays a big part. So as it’s Friday, we’ve given you a French inspired menu influenced by seafood which the French love so much. Start with a nibble of oysters the French always adore. Follow on with a delicate first course of Kerry scallops, then dine in style on probably the most famous French lobster dish of all time. Dessert features a legendary French pastry treat to finish a meal which echoes the flavours of a country which has led the culinary charge for centuries. Bon Appetit! 


Oysters are a big thing in France and appear on the country’s famous Plateau de Fruits de Mer (platter of fruits of the ocean) where they are eaten heartily raw, straight from the shells, along with other raw shellfish like mussels and cockles. We’re sure even the purists would approve of these fresh Achill Island Oysters, just lightly steamed to suit the Irish palate and served with a shallot and ginger dressing, check out the recipe here. Hugh O’Malley farms these beautiful oysters in the clear waters of Achill Island. Just a little nibble to whet your appetite! 

Achill Island Oyster Recipe Good Food Ireland


French fish markets buzz with life as housewives, cooks and discerning shoppers fight for the best of the catch each day. We’re certain Hayfield Manor’s Panfried Kenmare Scallops would get some fists flying! A stylish dish which combines freshest Irish scallops from the Kerry coast with a delicate spiced Picalilli dressing and Irish Black Pudding Crumble, for a flavour explosion in the mouth. Presented like a work of art, this will get the Bastille Day feast off to a good start.

Pan Seared Kenmare Scallops


What could we present here but none other than a classic lobster dish created by the great French chef Auguste Escoffier, the grandfather of French gastronomy. At the Tavern Bar and Restaurant in Murrisk at the foothills of Croagh Patrick, Head Chef and Owner Myles O’Brien creates his own version of Escoffier’s famous recipe for lobster. Lobster Thermidor Tavern Style uses the best locally caught lobsters from the waters of the Mayo coast, served in rich brandy cream sauce. Heaven on a plate.

Lobster Thermidor, Tavern Style


From Dublin Cookery School comes a dessert that could grace any fine French Patissserie. Plum and Almond Frangipane Tart is a classic French recipe which comprises a sweet Paté Brisée (shortcrust pastry) case, filled with a rich ground almond sponge (Frangipane), then topped with beautiful sliced ripe plums which grow prolifically in the warm climate of France. Serve this in slices with a dollop of rich thick Irish cream, just to round off your evening. 

Plum and Almond Tart, Dublin Cookery School

Feel like taking it easy tonight and heading out for a meal instead? Well fear not as Good Food Ireland establishments are celebrating France's national holiday in style! 



Rua loves France, so say the team! They will deffo be getting into the spirit of all things French for Bastille Day. Café Rua will be offering a French inspired menu on the evening of Bastille Day, Friday 14th July. If you like your French cheeses you can also grab 10% off the usual prices this Friday. Pastry lovers can also indulge in classic French croissants and Tart Tatins baked by the Rua bakery.

Ooh La La Bastille It's Bastille Day


ely are celebrating Bastille Day in grand French style this week. For dinner, cop a huge and beautiful Irish fillet steak served with a classic French Bearnaise Sauce and chips and the team recommend a glass of their wonderful Chateau Tayet Bordeaux red wine on the side! We like the sound of that! 

ely Restaurants, Dublin

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