The New Year Diet Can Wait

The Diet Can Wait! - Cake from Button and Spoon Wexford Town

It’s only the second day of January. Going on a diet may well have been one of your New Year resolutions. But there’s plenty of time to worry about getting rid of those few pounds gained, after the feasting of the season. Christmas is not over yet, technically speaking. 

The last of the twelve days is up at midnight on the 5th January, known as Twelfth Night or Epiphany Eve. January 6th marks Epiphany (the celebration of when the Three Kings rocked up at the stable, to see the Baby Jesus) and also known in Ireland as Women’s Little Christmas. 

So, as you’ve still got three official days left of the Twelve Days of Christmas, plus one extra one for Women’s Little Christmas on January 6th, is there any point in starting a diet that probably won’t last till the end of the week? We don’t think so!

The diet can wait. There’s still lots of eating to be done!


As the quiet of New Year descends, after the hectic party season, this is the time to snuggle on the sofa in the evening for Netflix and chill. Lots of great new series and movies on the network, which you probably haven’t had time to catch with all the Christmas nights out.

Rest and recoup by picking your seat on the sofa, then dive right into a drama, a comedy or some sci-fi magic. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet – you really should! Don’t forget the nibbles...

  • Keogh’s Crisps will see you through a Netflix binge in tasty style. 
  • Cheese is always a welcome nibble for a night in by the fire. Pick your favourite from our cheese makers and don’t forget the crackers.
Keogh's Crisps, Dublin, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland
  • A winter night movie deserves a warming Irish Whiskey to heat up the inner person. Our special recipe comes from Executive Chef Noel McMeel of Lough Erne Resort. 
  • Tara Walker of East Coast Cookery School knows a thing or two about treating yourself to something nice. Her recipe for Churros with Hot Chocolate Sauce is decadent and naughty for a night in. Easy to knock up before you settle into the settee. Better still, find someone to cuddle up with and share it! 
Chocolate Churros, East Coast Cookery School, Co. Louth, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland
  • Do date night at home with a difference. Forget the fancy meals. Get yourself a nice cake to nibble on while you’re watching the box. Button & Spoon in Co. Wexford have a superb selection of cakes and other baked goodies, perfect for boxing up and bringing home. Light the fire. Find a romantic movie. Get the cake out. Ditch the wine for a nice pot of tea. Heaven. 
  • Women’s Little Christmas on 6th January can be celebrated at home or in a restaurant. Tomorrow’s blog will focus on how to celebrate this special night for the ladies. Stay tuned! 
Button & Spoon, Co. Wexford, Irish Food, Good Food Ireland

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