Life in the Food Business - Our Day In The Life Series has it wrapped up!

Good Food Ireland A Day In The Life Series

If you have ever considered running a cafe or opening an artisan producers shop this is the blog for you.  Our members share their stories of how they came to choose their current roles, whether by meticulous planning or lucky accident!

We meet Patsy Rogers of In A Nutshell who has been working in the businsse for 35 years with hubbie Philip. together they grow 80% of the veg that they use to create cheering soups and stews for their customers. Ruth Healy of Urru culinary store shares how it makes her feel to hear Urru mentioned by producers as part of the development of their business and why she likes two coffees in the morning!

Peter Ward of Country Choice describes himself as a 'a food slave, an indentured servant to myself, chained to the oars and forever must row',and advises that "working with food is like the tide, when the tide is high you just hold on tight and say ‘this too shall pass’ " and that you will have calm days too.

Sage advice from Anthony Creswell of Ummera Smoked Products (when he's not running round in mud getting soaking wet, trying to lure his pig back into his field with a bucket of food so his wife and kids can get out of the car!): "Have passion for what you do. Don’t sell your product too cheap. Don’t think you can only grow your business by getting bigger. You can also grow it by getting better."

We hear how ‘BIM Young Fishmonger of the Year 2017' Finalist Eimantas Zvirblis of Donnybrook Fairs' first word was bizzarely appropriate to his career choice and why he loves to inspire people to eat more fish. 

Patricia Farrell of Wilde Irish Chocolates goes back to the days before the internet describing how she and her husband learnt to temper chocolate from a book and how she loves to spend their profit on bread, cheeses and olive oil, whilst Shannen Butler of Diva Boutique Bakery relaxes in style with a signature cocktail of the evening watching Game of Thrones! 

So sit back and get inspired by our Good Food Ireland Family of gastronomic successes!

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